Hi guys, this video is about my recent trip from London Heathrow to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, this was a night flight which departed at 20:30 (LHR time) and arrived at 17:00 (SIN time).

I was very excited to fly with Singapore Airlines new economy class product because I heard it is excellent, and it did exceed my expectations.

The crew was just spectacular, I had the feeling that they really enjoyed their job and that their ‘5 star smile’ was real instead FA’s who don’t smile at all..
SQ’s new economy class product is excellent, HD IFE screens; fast response times and no IFE box under the seat.
And SQ is one of the few carriers that still has a 3-3-3 seat configuration on their 777s!

The lounge , the plane, the food and the lovely ‘Singapore Girl’ flight attendants, I would rate it a solid 9,5.

Some details about the flight:

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Flight number: SQ 319
Flight origin: London Heathrow International Airport
Flight destination: Singapore Changi International Airport
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: 9V-SWU
Seat: 33K
Date: March 16, 2017


  1. How did you find the seat comfort as i saw someone comment on another video that they are hard and uncomfortable and that the older seats were a lot better?Seems strange t me that SA would go to such great lengths of investing in a brand new economy class only for the seats to be worse than before?

  2. My favorite airline to fly with! always my first choice! The flight attendants make the whole flight experience complete and I agree they always have a real warm smile!

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