In this trip report, we have a look at the NEW Singapore Airlines First Class product aboard a Boeing 777-300 ER flight between Singapore and Melbourne.

We first start off by arriving at an exclusive First class check-in terminal at Singapore Changi airport. This special terminal provides a private and personalised check-in service that expedites you through immigration and into the SilverKris Lounge complex. We soon gain entry to The Private Lounge where we look at the a la carte and buffet dining experience. While I’m there, I take a shower to freshen up and look at the general ambiance of the lounge.

First class passengers get priority boarding and board the aircraft via a separate jetbridge. On board, I notice that the B777 has the NEW First Class “mini-suite” seat, which I found to be a noticeable improvement over the old B777 First class product. Before we take-off, I review the hard product seat in detail. All the nooks and crannies are examined – the seat, the cushion, the leather appointments, the fixed shell surrounding the seat, the IFE screen, the ottoman, the storage spaces, the privacy screen, etc.

Once up in the air, I have a look at the food and drink offerings which spans over 2 meal services – dinner and breakfast. The highlights include Krug and Dom Perignon champagne, caviar, lobster thermidor and the Wedgwood bone china the meals are served on. The different seat positions and the bed is also reviewed in the video. The IFE is defective on this flight so I was unable to review in much detail.

Upon arrival in Melbourne, we use our Express Arrival cards to quickly breeze through immigration & customs. We then make the transfer to the domestic terminal where we connect to our flight home.



Singapore Airlines First Class – Nostalgia
By Singapore Airlines

Half the World & More | Heritage | Singapore Airlines
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Singapore Airlines Business Class – Nostalgia
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  1. I fell asleep during this video, which is a good thing because you made it feel like I was there in seat 2C great video huge like and subscribe!!!!

  2. where is the luggage stored if there are no overhead compartments? sorry if its a stupid question but ive never flown first class lel

  3. A wonderful video you have Eddie. May I kindly check what is the song you have from 1:00 of the video? Have always like that tune whenever i call IN Singapore Airlines.

  4. Wow that is beauty, SIA always is way above any airlines that I have seen. Congrats to SIA more then ever a great way to fly- take of an land on time.:-)~

  5. Excellent video. precise and to the point, and not half the video taken up with looking out the window at the clouds well done

  6. Awesome journey, Eddie…even the lowest class in SQ served its passengers profoundly 'in manner' (my own terminology)

  7. I'm really enjoying your videos. I am terrified of flying ( last time I boarded a plane was in 2000) and watching your videos is comforting to see the details of the flight. One day I will take my kids on a First Class flight like some of your vids.

  8. I find these videos so amusing i dunno why knowing damn well i aint gonna be able to afford this. What do you do as a job???

  9. i all Honesty it looks to boring always the same and for me it also gives the feeling once again they try to save instead bringing a great product where people want to pay for get money value back but yes everywhere the same boring thing !!!

  10. Very good video. Not sure Like the new First Class suites. Much prefer the full privacy of the A380 suites. I hope they are being kept on the A380's?

  11. How do you get a 82in long bed from a seat with 71in pitch?  Does the footwell goes deeply into the suite space in front of you?

  12. Are you Singaporean-Aussie?

    "The Private Room" seems underwhelming. The privacy and comfort is great since it's not crowded. But for the price tag and exclusivity, I was expecting a masseuse and definitely more than simple carbs and paltry snacks at the buffet. If you hadn't mentioned it being Singapore, I would've thought it was in the US.

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