Flight: Thai Airways TG 409
Departure from: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK, Concourse E
Take Off from Runway 19L; length 4,000 m / 13,123 ft
Lounges used at BKK: Royal Silk Lounge at Concourses C, D, and E
Arrival To: Singapore Changi Airport, SIN, Terminal 1
Landing on Runway 02L, length 4,000 m / 13,123 ft
Distance: 1,409 km / 875 miles
Arrival Lounge used at SIN: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Terminal 3
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Travel Class: Royal Silk Business Class, 180-degree fully lie-flat bed
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: HS-TKN
Delivered to Thai Airways: April 2014
Engines: Two General Electric GE90-115B
Take-Off Thrust: 115,300 lb each


  1. I really love Thai!!! Your video is really cool! Compliments!Finger up for yor video!!! 🙂 I've uploaded the new Airbus A380 Amenity Kit of Thai! With a new editing! Can i have your comment about it?fell free to write down my video! Thanx in advance!

  2. Yes going to the lounge at the arrival is also good to do after the flight. You may have to travel a long ways to the hotel where you are staying…Nice..

  3. The airline lounge when you have paid for Business and First Class is always nice to go to. You can get something to eat and relax in a calm setting…

  4. Great video. Good engine view and sound from takeoff.I never fly B77W in TG. I miss Thailand coz I stayed for 3 weeks with my gf last winter. Meal look saap in biz class.

  5. Great review! Suvarnabhumi Airport is a plane spotting heaven! I hope to fly with Thai in future, their service looks good. Stunning night shots of Singapore, how was your stay in my country?

  6. Once again, thanks very much for the "before" and "after" shots as well as the flight videos.  Probably there are a lot of relatively impoverished people (like me) who couldn't imagine what it would be like swimming in that pool in Bangkok were it not for you.  Thanks.

  7. Brilliant video as always… Was this recorded recently? I've just returned from Bangkok via Dubai to Dublin with Emirates business class,

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