The 777-300ER was already one of the most efficient planes in the world. By using cutting-edge aerodynamic improvements, weight reduction and more, we were able to improve fuel efficiently by 2%, saving airlines a million dollars per year, per plane. Learn more about Boeing Innovations at


  1. نتقدم بااحر التهاني والمباركه لكل من بوينغ وفريقها والخطوط الجويه القطريه على التعاون بينهما ونجاح الصفقه بينهما في كل ما يخدم سوق السفر والسياحه عبر الارض

  2. The 777-300ER is my 2nd favorite airplane/airliner with 10 exit doors, the 777-9X will also have 10 exit doors too after the development finish.

  3. referente ao acidente no DUBAY,na passada semana,com um B777,que aterrou de papo e partiu as asas e explodiu.ja nao e o 1º minha vida na aviaçao militar e civil.tenho curso dos boeings,que a TAP utilizou(B707,727/100+200,737-200,400, triplo seventh,nao encontro a descida do trem em emergencia.cheira-me que seja electrica.alguem me pode ajudar?
    numa papada,gear up,os dois motores,partem no contacto com a pista,diametro der +de 4 metros.isto e a minha experiencia

  4. in about 5 years that same guy will be in another commercial saying "you know…safety for us is number 1! Thats why weve ordered all our planes be disassembled and were going to have washers installed on all the bolts to prevent another carastrophy!!" Hell get an award for being a pillar of the airline industry

  5. gee…why didnt anyone else think of that? I think its an amazing idea to leave off intergral parts of the fasteners that hold the entire airplane together! who wouldve thought all these years that we didnt need washers! I always thought they were used to dispwrse the force applied to a greater area in order to prevent the volt from ripping through the piece its holding on or from being damaged when tightened and creating a weak point in the bolt. Wonder why they bothered inventing them? Guess millions of engineers and technicians must all be wrong. Well who cares…at least the airliners will save some gas sure they'l pass the savings in to the consumer right? and hey…if ever a wing rips off or whatever they can always just pull over and call CAA right?

  6. I heard Philippine Airlines 777-300ER is back twice again WITHOUT refuel in one way between manila to USA for 26 hours in each time is 13 hours because PAL 747 was replaced by new largest,strong twin engine 777. I think 777-300ER is the largest and strongest engine in the world because one of the General Electric 90 "GE90" is more powerful efficiency engine that use by an a technology that's why its become more stronger than other jetliner's turbine.

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  9. Boeing makes money out of the phony war on terror.
    They're happy to keep selling their stuff to the government, they don't care about anyone but themselves.

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    all boeing workers musts uses their clothes code rules…
    use BLUE clothes…
    not use sloppy home clothes while work at boeing

  11. hell if you're going to take it that far don't use bolts or nuts at all just glue the damn thing together with hot stuff

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