Submarine queries to obtain the flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared in 2014 did not obtain the wreck, but they authorized a new cartography.



Underwater queries to obtain the MH370 flight permitted a new cartography of a portion of the Indian Ocean, in accordance to researchers.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 had vanished on the eighth March 2014 with 239 people on board shortly just after its consider off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

No traces of the aircraft ended up discovered in the research region of ​​120,000 square kilometers decided in the south Of the Indian Ocean, but a monumental volume of information has been gathered on the depths of the seabed in this region, which make it possible for to draw up a map hitherto not known of submerged valleys, ridges and volcanoes.

« We estimate that only ten to fifteen% of the earth&#39s oceans have been examined with the sort of technologies made use of for MH370 investigation, “claimed official Australian company Geoscience Australia

9459002] “The fact that this remote part of the Indian Ocean is a single of the oceanic depths most effective mapped on the planet.”

The wreckage of the airplane was not discovered, but people

They uncovered an underwater mass 6 kilometers huge and fifteen kilometers extended, culminating at one,five hundred meters higher than the seafloor,

The disappearance of the MH370 is a single of the best mysteries in the heritage of civil aviation.

A number of particles identified on the coast of The Indian Ocean off East Africa – much from the research region – ended up recognized as probably or unquestionably belonging to the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

According to an Australian report, Analyzes of particles Learned off Tanzania, a straight outer flap, showed that it was “most probably in a retracted placement”, suggesting that the aircraft was not in a ditching placement before sinking into the ocean.

Speculation to demonstrate this disappearance stays primarily concentrated about a mechanical or structural failure, a hostage getting or a terrorist act, but nothing has so much supported a single or the other situation. The secret also fueled a host of conspiracy theories.


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