Review of American Airlines’ new lie-flat business class on the Boeing 777-200ER. What are these new direct aisle-access, lie-flat seats like?


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Airline: American Airlines, AA
Aircraft: Boeing 777-223(ER)
Reg: N795AN
Aircraft First Flight: 09 December 2000
Flight Number: AA105
Airports: London Heathrow Airport (LHR, EGGL) to New York John F. Kennedy (JFK, KJFK)
Date: 6 February 2017
Delay: None
Flight duration: 7h 15mins
Seat: Row 5, Seat 5H
Route: London Heathrow Airport to New York John F. Kennedy Airport

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  1. You are the best! You are being really helpful while I'm trying to figure out which seat will be better for me haha! Thank youuuu! Greetings from Argentina!!!!

  2. pls you gotta go on a Etihad A380 Residence! U want mindblown meet the residence, I don't think anything can compete even nearly.

  3. Flew the same seat type onboard a 787-8 from Los Angeles to Auckland. These seats made the flight feel like an hour.

  4. Nice video. I was considering an itinerary to Europe and I assumed the "772" was the old aircraft with the old pod seats, which i didn't really want. I know AA still uses these on some of their domestic routes (or still did as of 2016 on a 767). So your video helped me and I'm glad I found it. Good luck getting the window on the next one!

  5. This is one of the best trip reports I've seen! Well done! I love how comprehensive you are and your attention to detail. Thank you very much!

  6. Earphone covers – think of them as toilet seat covers for the headphones…unless you like sharing earwax with strangers.

  7. Psst…just to let you know, Delta has been using those same Bose headsets in its business class for years. 😉 Oh and the four-course meal and four choices. I hope you fly them soon! Don't see any vids of them by you.

  8. Very nice Business product of American and great flight report! Enjoyed your video and keep the great work up! Thumbs up and best regards!

  9. Thank-you for the concise, yet informative report about your experience.  Indeed, AA does set their passengers up in a pretty nice doghouse for the trip.  Things have definitely come a long way since I flew business class on AA.  I do miss the overhead bins.  I always liked to board early to stow my things before others had the chance to pack their entire household.  To add to the comments of others, yes; the US does take security measures very seriously.  Flight crew procedures and personnel are not to be videoed.  This is to eliminate any detection of weakness on the part of operations, and it protects flight crews from being personally targeted.  As far as an overall evaluation of AA, “Skytrax” lists it with 3 stars, which is about right.  Truly, thanks again Daniel for your work.  I also liked the toe-tapping music you selected.

  10. Hey Dan , great video as always ….. : ) Have you seen all the youtube videos complaining about American Airlines , there are many ….. I haven't flown on American in a few years , so I can't comment …. What's it like having dual citizenship ?

  11. I notice that almost all the video related to American airlines showing cabin crew's face are always blurred or cut. However, none of that happens with Asian and European fight crew. I saw some of your videos featuring the cabin crew from European carriers and it was not blurred. Would you explain this? Thank you 🙂

  12. Daniel, your travel reports are second to none. Also you seem to get cuter with every year.

    My personal experiences with AA are somewhat different from yours. Last time I travelled to the States with them they managed to lose my luggage for four days. I waited in line to report the missing bags for four hours in JFK. When I called after two days to enquire if they had found my bags the person on the phone informed me that they had no idea where they were. The food on the transatlantic flight was mediocre. The seating space in economy on their 777-200ER more cramped than I have ever experienced on any airline in my long life of traveling. Then my domestic flight to LAX was delayed for 20 hours! No information was given and no apology offered. I am glad that you had a pleasant flight on American Airlines. I will never use them again. Not even if they paid me.

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