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Airline: All Nippon Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: JA792A
Seat: 17A
From: Tokyo Haneda
To: Frankfurt Rhein-Main
Date: September 2016

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The upgrade for this flight was provided by All Nippon Airways.


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  1. Since the video does not show it properly, let me tell you why I think this was the best crew:
    – They always talk to the passengers by name, "Mr. ….." or "Mrs. …..". They took them from the passengers list, I thought that gives it a really personal touch.
    – They were always present and available. If you needed something they were at your seat instantly.
    – They were extremly helpful, just look at the lady at 7:48 for instance.
    – They were super friendly and motivated.
    – They kept everything spotless! I was seated close to the lavoratory so I noticed they cleaned it after almost ever passenger who used it!
    – They were really nice to talk to during the flight.
    – And the most important for me: They didn't say a thing about all my filming and taking photographs abaord. Some crews can be really annoying regarding that. But this one was super supportive.
    I travelled with a lot of crews and met a lot of nice flight attendants, but this crew was just above them all.

    What was the nicest crew you ever had?^^

  2. I love your videos, I subscribed and you are my favorite aviation channel!! Can you fly aboard etihad airways just asking

  3. The nicest crew I've ever had was on Austrian I was 3 years old I wanted a mac and cheese and they made it the best mac and cheese ever

  4. the best crew I've ever had was on a Azul flight from Belo Horizonte to Vitória. When will you fly to Brazil?

  5. Best technology, beautiful plane, amazing flight food! Europe and Japan airlines are the best! keep it up! 😀

  6. Flying ANA looks amazing. I would say that you will not find anything better at inflight comfort than this. And the meals were yummy … do they have a chef onboard because the eggs for breakfast looked fresh boiled?

  7. You must have heard of the brawl caused by a moronic, drunk American (I'm American) on theNRT-LAX ANA flight recently. I hope that Americans clouded by that footage see how wonderful the airline is and not tainted as some "airline that barely handles violent drunk passengers" (of which they were actually able to handle really well). Otherwise, though ANA could improve the materials used in their cabin (even f they don't want to use leather), they still ahve the best service and especially food from my experience, even vs Singapore. Though for european airlines, I do feel Air France and BA are really nice.

  8. hi,I really enjoyed your video! very funny when you wrote "noooo",not wanting to leave the plane.ANA is truly one of the best airlines I have ever flown,you too ha?.Keep this nice channel entertaining us with superb videos!.Aufwiedersehen!!! cheers

  9. hi and thanks I love simply aviation and a small request which is if you can make more videos as long and detailed as this video. Thanks again.

  10. My nicest crew was fly Dubai when I gave them the logbook they asked wheather I want a visit to the cockpit one we are on ground and you know what I did

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