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Airline: Korean Air
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: HL8209
Seat: 39J
From: Vienna Schwechat
To: Zurich Kloten
Date: December 26th, 2015

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  1. Someone tell me why Korean air is flying from a country in Europe to another country in Europe

  2. You were lucky to have such nice crew. I have heard many horror stories about rude treatment on Korean Air. In particular, I remember an occasion when they made the news here because they refused to carry a wheelchair-bound passenger, even though he had informed the airline beforehand of that and his chair was fully foldable and compatible with in-aircraft stowage. The passenger sued them and won damages.

  3. Könntest du Mal bitte mit Air Koryo in Nordkorea fliegen? Ich weiß, es ist schwer wegen dem Visum etc. , aber es wäre bestimmt ein cooler Tripreport

  4. You think 777 engines are powerfull? Yes they are but did you know that because your flight was so short, the engines weren´t at full power during takeoff…
    Your flight was around an hour so engines were about 60-70% thrust at takeoff…

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