Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Economy Class Review

Airport Check-In: 0:12
Aircraft View: 0:26
Boarding: 1:07
My Seat: 2:13
Seat Features: 2:35
Take-Off: 4:40
Hot Towel/Menu: 4:56
Legroom of the Emergency Exit Seats: 6:04
Amenity Kit: 6:10
Meal Service: 6:35
Meal: 6:47
Tea/Coffee Service: 7:43
Cabin: 7:59
Turbulence: 8:10
Lavatory: 8:35
Time to Istanbul: 9:10
IFE System: 9:19
Good-Morning/Mood Lighting: 10:12
Breakfast: 10:49
Cabin: 11:28
Descending: 11:33
Landing: 11:42
Evaluation: 12:09
Deboarding: 12:28
Ending Credits: 12:57

Frm: Chicago
To: Istanbul
Flight Number: TK6
Flight Duration: 9 Hours and 30 Minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Aircraft Registration: TC-JJE
Aircraft Name: “Dolmabahce”
Seat: 28K/29H
Date: July 27, 2016
Time: 21:30
Occupancy of the cabin: 50%

Music (Links in Description):
– K.Y.D. by Ryan Little

– Julius Caesar by Ryan Little

– Havana, iMovie Music

– “Business Class Comfort With Our Boeing 777-300 ER Planes” Commerical Music by Turkish Airlines

– Deep Inside, SAFAKASH

– Feel Like a Star, Commerical Music
by Turkish Airlines

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28 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Economy Class Review

  1. John Baharoff Sr.

    It's every Christians duty to visit Istanbul, it's mandatory once in a lifetime Pilgrimage.
    Birthplace of the Christianity is not Rome or Greece, it's Istanbul. Turkish Airlines will make your Pilgrimage so easy and affordable. The tale and the nose of the plane arrives at the same time, so use the economy class.
    Every Christian and Muslim must visit Aya Sofia. Once it was a Church then a Mosque and now Aya Sofia is a Museum, just waiting for you to visit. Touch and feel the walls, you can actually see the History, look at he blue sky, take pictures, you'll be glad you did.
    You will have a story to tell your grand children. Istanbul is a sacred City, straddled between two continents, like no other city in the world.
    Turkey has more Freedom and Democracy then any other country in the world.
    First think you'll notice that the Turks are very friendly, they love tourist. So, call your travel agent and ask for the Turkish Airlines, you'll be glad you did.

  2. Michael odhiambo

    Turkish Airlines are wonderful…your review was nice. I love how the interior of the plane is.

  3. The Exploder

    Thanks for making this video I am going to Egypt next month on Turkish airlines and I wanted to know more about it

  4. The Real Fuzzy

    Thanks for letting me know how good Turkish Airlines is, I am travelling Chicago to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines and after this video, i am excited af!!!

  5. Selim Eylül

    Incredible flight review mate. The TK6 flight for me has always kept a special place in my heart, jumping up and down as kids when the time of the year around June comes to fly to Istanbul to see relatives and take a break from school! All of the parts of my bi-annual Chi-Ist flight are sacred, only coming to my mind when the real life event is happening. I am really happy to see a quality review of my absolute favoriate trip of all time, TK6 onboard the 77W! Well done mate!

  6. shiven sablok

    it was great video !!I am flying to los Angeles from Mumbai via Istanbul in Turkish airlines on 2 may I hope tk is good

  7. Modesta Magdula

    My husband told me one of the best airline and good service.. my mom will try this on may i hope they can help her coz its her first time to travel so far away from home..


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