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Welcome to my third report continuing from SQ12

Some facts:
– This flight cost me 35,000 miles and 275 USD in taxes (one way)
– I booked this in May before the devaluation kicked in
– Part 4 of a 5 part series
– Flight Report in French: TBC
– Flight Report in English: TBC
– Plane reg: TC-JJE
– I have many other reports here: and will be uploading more along with these video reports.

This is a long video, I tried to capture the feel of the flight, you will see the following:
– Boarding the plane, takeoff and initial climb
– Full meal service
– Various views outside over Russia
– Pre arrival meal
– Approach and landing into Istanbul

I’ve made every effort to make this video enjoyable, would love a comment if you liked it or some ideas for improvement.

Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Wow such a hillbilly! I mean, seriously ? what kind of a man asks for a bit of everything served on a plane? You fucking know the menu consists of just above average quality but regular stuff , have you never eaten cheese before? its not a michelin star restaurant damnit.

  2. There are no flight attendants who can speak Japanese in this business class even though it is a flight from Narita to Istanbul. Japanese people are not familiar with English. I can see threre is definitely at least one Japanese passenger in this business class.

  3. You are not even a human .How can you be a passenger. You dont wanna be a passenger you wanna be boss of the plane .Fuck off selfish retard. You just did this video to show Turkish Airlines as badly for your company.

  4. I think some of the comments on here against you are a bit extreme….and agree with you that you should be able to keep the window shade open on a day (and overland) flight provided none of the other passengers mind and that you are not blinding flight attendants with the glare reflected off the wing….that said….I do think you were then very spiteful opening up all three window shades when one was clearly enough for you to film out of and still expect the flight crew to be friendly and smiling to you….I personally think your comments reflect your smugness towards them because you got your way… Pretty petty….Bare in mind that disobeying flight attendants instructions could land you in trouble upon touch down but you would know test already being a frequent flyer and all that…

  5. türkiyede millet yiyecek ekmek bulamıyor . bu herif kuzu etini tavuğu cheesecake i beğenmiyor .. gör işte bizim memlekette neler oluyor .

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