As I once said, Seattle is the capital of two world-famous brands – Starbucks and Boeing. But when I went to Seattle, I did not choose to visit the Boeing Factory but go to the Museum of Flight, the main reason is because I want to be on two aircraft that I never had a chance to try – Boeing brand " Air Force One "and Concorde supersonic aircraft.

From Pike Place, I pick up bus 124 as the bus will go straight to the Museum of Flight, more than 30 minutes with more than 20 stops. Museum of Flight is located on the outskirts of Seattle, and is the only bus linking the museum to the downtown area where guests do not have to change cars. At other stop points, the driver stops the car when someone requests to get off the bus. (On the American bus there is a wiring system that connects the car to the next stop. cable, ting ting signaling STOP REQUESTED), but Museum of Flight points to the doctor shouted. Actually, I do not need to shout because from the bus looking out the window is a very large campus with the aircraft on display and the MUSEUM OF FLIGHT sign. While sitting on the bus, I have access to the website of the museum, choose to buy tickets online $ 23 instead of to the place where the tickets for $ 25, I go to the portal just the electronic ticket in the received email, received A bracelet on his wrist, and a smile on hearing "welcome and enjoy the show."


The museum is very large, with 2 campuses on either side of the big street. Connected 2 buildings on either side of a bridge on the high so that visitors do not have to cross the street, although right there is a traffic light with a pedestrian walkway. On the side of this road is an outdoor museum displaying aircraft flying across the sky, now in a nursing home is a museum to admire the glorious achievements of the past. . I just got the right two aircraft I needed, the rest were commercial aircraft, big and small fighters, Boeing 777, Boeing 737 or Dreamliner 787. The whole campus as shrunken by the machine Giant fly, along with the human model to make the museum even more lively.

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1 corner of Aviation Pavilion

Concorde is a type of turbojet super jet that is co-produced and developed. by Sud Aviation, later renamed Aérospatiale (France) and British Aircraft Corporation (UK). Accordingly, Air France (AF) and British Airways (BA) are the only two airlines that have purchased and operated Concorde on their commercial flights, with the total number of aircraft produced only. 20 units. The Concorde, called the supersonic, is the reason – the maximum speed of the Concorde can be up to twice the speed of sound, accommodating only about 92 to 128 passengers, which are started at times. first in 1969, officially put into use in 1976 and stopped working since 2003. Concorde super bar, so fare is also super expensive, only for the rich to shorten the travel time, wallet For example, in 1997, the fares for round-trip flights from New York to London were $ 7,995, 30 times the normal low fare of other airlines operating other aircraft on the same itinerary. However, Concorde flights are also shortened to less than half the time. In 2003, Concorde was no longer operated due to high costs, while other airlines gradually upgraded its fleet to provide more convenience to passengers, after 27 years. Concorde officially went into the aviation museum as a symbol of a golden age for the super-rich have passed.

The Concorde is on display in the Museum of Flight. British Airways operated since 1980, powered by the Rolls-Royce / SNECMA Olympus 593 Mk engine. The 610 turbojet, the Concorde with BA's Alpha Golf, has taken off more than 5,600 and over 16,200 flight hours. Alpha Golf retired from the museum in November 2003, and the journey to Concorde went straight to the Museum of Flight, a New York – Seattle cruise with a record speed of 3 hours 55 minutes 12 seconds.

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Concorde Alpha Golf's documentary about Seattle arrives in the Museum.


Before stepping on the steps to enter the Boeing 707-120 Air Force One, known as the 970 Special Air Missions (SAM) First American, I have a little nervous. This plane, or other Flying Oval Office, is only for the president of the most powerful country in the world and his entourage is now here to admire their sky life. At the staircase leading up to SAM 970, two tall statues of humanity were placed – one was President Richard Nixon and the other was President Mao, mimicking the first official visit of the President of the United States to China. 1972, creating the premise for the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Prior to Nixon, the SAM 970 also served President Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, as well as VIPs such as Nikita Khrushchev (19459014) Soviet politician who led the Soviet Union during the Cold War as secretary. the first of the Soviet Communist Party from 1953 to 1964 or Henry Kissinger (19459014) American diplomat and political scientist who served as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to Richard Nixon ). The SAM 970 was officially commissioned in 1959 and was replaced by the Boeing VC-137C in 1962, although it was no longer called the Air Force One. But the SAM 970 continued to be part of the Air Force One, carrying VIPs and vice presidents, until June 1996.


There are some interesting facts related to SAM 970 like

SAM 970 is currently in the Airpark – Aviation Pavilion of the Museum of Flight in Seattle but is actually "borrowed" from the National Air Force Museum of the United States

From its inception in 1959 to serving President Eisenhower, the SAM 970 was secretly armed as a CIA reconnaissance aircraft, with code-coded programs. Operation Lida Rose, so secretive that the president was unaware.

When the SAM 970 served the transportation of President Kennedy, First Lady Jackie Kennedy and industrial designer Raymond Loewy designed the image for Air Force One with light blue paint – White and metal backgrounds are extremely symbolic and have been used to date in the later Allied Powers.


Stepping inside the SAM 970 like straying into the White House's Oval, when Air Force One's interior was unlike other passenger planes, the front desk is 2 rows of chairs, the table is the telephone, the computer, the screen … Then go to the coffee and tea shelves, a few rows of seats as airplane seats, then a small table with a typewriter is the working seat of the Presidential secretary, a room with a bed for the president lying on long flights, sanitary areas … The plane has only about 20 seats, and the chair it is very comfortable. I did not shoot much, but mostly heard the museum's instructor talk about this special aircraft.




Going forward to the door at the top of the plane, stepping down the stairs to the Air Force One, I stand at the door, remembering a beautiful image that is often seen on TV – President stood there, at the door of the plane, turned to look at each other, waving and then gently turn to step inside. I am an unknown at the Museum of Flight, anonymous in Seattle, anonymous in America, imagine and imagine the image of a president of the most powerful country in the world.

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The statue outside the museum, next to the bridge connecting the two buildings on the side of the Museum.

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