United Airlines is our airline of choice and we stick to them like glue whether in Economy or with a Business Class upgrade, not the case today.

A last minute change in plans (along with change fees 🙁 ) got us the last two seats together on a 777-200 near the Economy toilets. Sigh… But at least there was no one sitting between us for a change and we were sitting a little behind the wing which gave clear views of wing dynamics on take off and landing.

Adieu Chicago…Bonjour France.


  1. I was very disappointed by the sad excuse for a breakfast that is the Croissant and small fruit slices. That was just on a 9 hour flight. To think that they also do that on the longer SFO and LAX to Europe flights is just appalling. Not that American appears to be any better in that regard.

  2. Always love your video Sheila :)) I just booked my flight from Washington D.C.  to Dubai on an United 777-200 ! Personally I always fly Cathay Pacific or European careers and avoid United. But this time have to use them because I booked the ticket late. And the 777-200 is a pretty good plane. And of course cannot wait for the double Chocolate chip Brownie (is it ?) that you always mentioned in your video !! I specifically remember that you said :"they were pretty darn good " :p

    Btw, is this Economy Plus or Economy ?

  3. Sheila, why would you keep flying United? It is shocking that you should pay for alcohol on a transatlantic flight. The food is also terrible, how can they not serve a hot breakfast? That is why UA, AA and DL only 3 star airlines, below the industry standard of 4 stars. Also, it is just luck if you get a seat back tv on their planes. If you flew Air France, BA, Lufthansa or in fact anything possible (it would probably even be better to go via Dubai on the awesome Emirates (world airline of the year in 2013) just to avoid the likes of UA or AA) you would be guaranteed a full entertainment suite, good food and service, i.e. value for money.

  4. We enjoy your flight reports, but how about a program showing how to navigate from terminal 1 at CDG to the RER into Paris?

  5. I just booked seats 31 J & K on a United 777-200 on a flight from Chicago to Rome. Looks like same seats you are in except on the other side of the plane. Do the seats you are in recline? Thinking of changing so I can recline. What are your thoughts on the seats. Thanks

  6. I have a couple questions and a request. First, do you need to learn French when going to Paris? Second, what food do you get in economy (do you get the prior to arrival and dessert with the meal and do you have to pay for the meal)? Third, are the menus at the restaurants in Paris have english? And my request is that you go to beautiful Brazil!! That would be awesome to see and United has a direct flight from ORD to Sao Paulo (which is the main city there).

  7. Hi Sheila, I don't know if you remember me but I was the one who commented I was going to hawaii, well i just got back and I recommend you to go there, you should go to all the islands and tour them, it was really amazing!
    -Happy Travels

  8. @Ryan Titchell It all depends on the jet stream on any given day and flights heading East are usually faster than flights heading west into the jet streams.

  9. Hmm.. when I last flew from Chicago O'Hare to Honolulu, that was an 8 and a half hour flight. Wonder why it takes almost same amount of time for a location farther away

  10. To answer your question about the turbulence when food is served: During long haul flights the pilots perform so called step climbs, this to save fuel. Basically a step climb is climbing about 1000ft with gaps of around 10 minutes in between. The plane starts to get higher, air pressure changes. More load is put on the aircraft. The wings will starts to flex upwards causing a flap movement, like a bird. This is the turbulence. Asked a realworld 777 pilot that, I only fly them in a simulator (for now)!

  11. Nice video, Sheila. I saw how your intro speech was in the United club at ORD. I've been to that club many times. I assume you are a United club member? Do you find that it's worth the money/miles? Fare to Europe are very expensive these days, Sheila. Even economy is quite expensive. I really try to use miles if possible.

  12. On the same route you took American airlines and between Chicago and Paris American airlines would be the worst followed by United-airlines and Air France or Delta.

  13. why is there turbulence you asked ? probaly to distract you from the taste .
    Do you come from Chicago ? Could you do a video about Chicago – I'm from London , UK and never been to that part of the US – would love to see it from a residents perspective 🙂

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