Video shows afternoon view as we pass over Diamond Head Crater and beautiful Waikiki Beach and making a smooth, picture-perfect landing at Honolulu International Airport, as one of the cabin crew gives a narration.


  1. I have been there 5 times and never took that approach in for landing….kind of disappointing I like the wide swing around you see so much more of the island.

  2. Very nice approach, and much more scenic than coming in from the opposite direction. Wow…that landing was incredibly smooth.

  3. Oh goodness gracious what a magnificent approach into Honolulu!!! I was there in '90 but I don't remember seeing that view!!! It's amazing to see all those buildings along the coastline!! I must say, tho, that I enjoyed the laid back-ness of Maui alot better! Absolute paradise!!
    Thanks so much for sharing. You did a great job!! Hope you had fun.

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