Global upgrades to Business Class on United Airlines came through with rear-facing seats the only option. Oh well. Business Class is better than Economy, any day of the week.

A very personable and pleasant crew made the long (very long) flight “easier” – food was not bad – and it was an easy landing at Beijing Capital Airport. Ni hao and welcome to Beijing…


  1. What do you usually get on the menus that good? I think if I don't see anything good I just might get a salad or if they have pasta then pasta,or just get something from one of the "nicer" food bars in the airport.

  2. LOL! I like how you made the "carrot stick and UA club" joke! Did you get the upgrades immediately upon booking or were you waitlisted? The menu is just disappointing, Sheila, as you said. Too bad. I don't know why UA can't invest more money in better food in their "premium cabin". That's pretty ghetto about the wine list. UA is just going seriously downhill. The food looked pretty good, though. The smog was impressive how significant it is! I wonder when China will solve this problem. Great video, Sheila!

  3. Doesn't that sound at 1:39 add such a lovely touch??? I cannot believe they don't list actual wine descriptions! Always love your videos!

  4. Hi Sheila, very nice video, thanks for sharing.  Steve looked ready to fly, and you to.  That is a beautiful airplane and your meal service, I have to say, looked really good.  That salad, wow, and your salmon looked outstanding.  Liked the snacks and your arrival dish.  How is Capital Airport, would love to see that one day.  Amazing place to see.  Air China dominates there, they are flying a lot of new heavies now to SFO and LAX.  They have the new 747-800 and the Triple 7-300ER.  United sure does a great job, glad you both had a nice trip. 

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