United Airlines Business First
A full trip report in United Business First Boeing 777-200

United Airlines Business Class
Includes Queens Terminal Lounge footage at LHR
United club lounge London heathrow

This is a full review of my flight on United from London to Los Angeles in their business class product. United airlines features a flat bed product, a 2 – 4 – 2 configuration and a lot of food

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United Airlines Business Class Trip Report
Business First
United Business Class London to Los Angeles
Boeing 777-200ER
Departure from London Heathrow (LHR)

United Airlines Flight 935
Depart : London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrive : Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time : 10:35am (Actual 11:19am)
Arrival Time : 13:50pm (Actual 13:53pm)
Boeing 777-200ER
Seat : 6K
Flight Time : 10 Hours 35 Minutes
Meal Service : Lunch & Breakfast

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  1. Look everyone can have their own opinion and I won't rant for either side. All I'm gonna say is we all love aviation here, that's why we're on this video and when it comes down to the basics it's all the same up front right regardless of what the cabin looks like and let's just respect the men behind the controls, before we rant about the airline. 3 star or 5 star the men and women up front make sure we all get where we need to in 5 star condition.

  2. My wife and I willl be in the same exact two seats for a trip to Chicago at the end of summer. I was happy to get these seats as the rest of the business class seats looks pretty horrible with respect to privacy and sitting reversed, etc. Though, it doesn't look like these two seats have all that much privacy with that middle section looking right at you. Oh well. We love the lay flat seats as we've had them on a 767-300 United flight to Hawaii and wanted to have them again. Thanks for the review!

  3. Do you use a general credit card to rack up miles like chase sapphire or discover it? or do you use airline cards. I'm looking through your videos and even though I'm seeing a lot of one world flying, there are still another good number of flights that aren't one world. SO how do you get so many miles so fast and by what means do you get and keep them?

  4. You've got a good sense of style. Nice trainers in a previous vid & shoes and jeans/ trousers. Food didn't look that great given you're business. Looks like you travel a lot to the states.

  5. Hello! Great video. We are looking to get these exact same seats on a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong…a whopping 16 hour flight time. OUCH! Are the seats at the bulkhead (the ones you were in ) any different than the other seats? Thanks!

  6. Beautifully crafted report, and you do all the things that I love putting in my flight reports, but you do it in a much more refined and confident way than I do. I don't film certain things because i dont want others around to think, "Who is this weirdo taking videos everywhere?" But you are much more confident about that which I love, and that truly made your video boundless. I love this and this is the first video of your which I have watched. You just got another subscriber. I look forward to more. Take care and warmest regards, Capt. RD

  7. I think we're so used to choices in sauces that the poultry looks less appetizing…you know bbq sauce and sweet & sour etc…

  8. Useful insight. I'm going there in April to celebrate my 60th birthday. Chose UA over Virgin, due only, but importantly, to the earlier flight time they had; which will give me an extra 4hrs of daylight. I'll be in economy, so I won't be sitting/ lying down all the way!!!

  9. Nice video. Can't tell whether or not you close your window shades in between video shots, but you seem you keep them open for long periods. During long day-time flights this really spoils movie/video watching for those around you. FYI.

  10. What did you think of the seats? 2-4-2 is sure a crammed configuration for business, they seem a bit narrow, are they comfortable enough for sleeping?

  11. The still photos, while good, hurt the flow of this video and I always found them disrupted. What you could do is have music throughout the entire video and lower or even eliminate the the recorded audio.

  12. The seat configuration in the cabin is odd. I don't get why US Airlines offer such poor food and beverage service on flights. They need to copy what the ME airlines are doing.

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