Three yrs immediately after the crash of the MH 17 in Ukraine, very important issues stay unanswered as worldwide investigators stay centered on dubious theories and feel not to pay out notice to the details furnished by Russia.


On July 17 marks the anniversary of the crash of MH17 flight of Malaysia Airways in 2014 in japanese Ukraine, in full conflict concerning Ukrainian troops and rebel forces Anti-authorities protests that opposed the coup in Kiev with the help of the West.

The tragedy price tag the lives of the 298 men and women on board and led to an worldwide investigation Carried out by the Joint Investigation Workforce (JIT) comprising aeronautical specialists and Dutch, Belgian, Australian, Malaysian and Ukrainian investigators.

Even so, investigators have still not been ready to Company conclusions and to create concrete points.

The Western media have frequently accused the rebels and even Russia of getting liable for the demise of a suspect. Drama, irrespective of the simple fact that the JIT could not give convincing proof to help these preliminary conclusions on the incident.

Investigation into crash of MH17 arrested in the Netherlands

The style of missile applied stays unsure

The JIT uncovered that the Malaysia Airways Boeing 777 was shot down by a Medium-range missile released from a Buk air defense program situated in the region controlled by rebel forces. Investigators also arrived to the conclusion that the launcher had been brought in from Russia.

Very last year Almaz-Antey, the Buk&#39s producer, presented a simulation in get to establish the satellites that could have traced the route of the launcher. To study the influence that the missile would have had on the airliner . This exam discovered major contradictions in the concept of the investigation staff due to the fact, according to Almaz-Antey, the missile that is intended to have been applied versus the plane is no for a longer time part of the Russian army&#39s arsenal .

Almaz-Antey also claimed that the weapon with which the plane was shot, was possibly fired from the territory controlled by Kiev.

Even so, the worldwide staff Picked out to use a “identical” American missile to product the influence, although Almaz-Antey insisted that there are major dissimilarities from the Buk program in its critical traits, together with the trajectory of In accordance to the producer of the Bouk missiles, the MH17 was shot down from the region controlled by Kiev

Neglected Russian radar details

The investigation compensated minor notice to the details furnished by the Russian authorities, who agreed to hand more than all the details in their possession in get to arrive at a full being familiar with of what Had passed in July 2014 in Ukrainian airspace.

Very last autumn, the Russian aeronautical authority, Rosaviatsia, furnished radar details exhibiting that no missiles had approached the plane on Working day of the incident. In January the Dutch authorities replied that they have been not ready to decipher the details due to the fact they have been furnished in an “atypical format”.

Even though Russia spelled out that it had Used the ASTERIX format to current the raw details, the Dutch said that the Russian radar was not able to find a rather smaller object the size of a missile. Oleg Stortchevoï, the head of Rosaviatsia, turned down this assert by stating that the radar station can detect objects substantially lesser than a Buk missile.

Although details from the black box of MH17 point out that the tragedy Was held at 13:20 and 3 seconds GMT, the radar very last recorded the plane at 13:20 and 87 hundredths, less than a next and a 50 % right before the disaster, added Oleg Stortchevoï.

: Russia reaffirms its commitment to cooperate with the Dutch investigators of the MH17 flight crash

Problems about impartiality

The beginning of the investigations, Moscow expressed its fears about the impartiality of the investigation. Regardless of unfounded accusations of Russian involvement in the incident, the Kremlin has had minor possibility to aid drop light on the situation.

Russian Air Force have put ahead new criticisms of the Dutch management of the MH17 survey and the lousy good quality of its last report on the incident that they described as “wave.”

In addition, Oleg Stortchevoï accused the Dutch investigators of studying social media messages rather of executing a forensic assessment of the incident website, which he claimed was an “unprecedented” strategy. The formal said that when the investigators arrived at the scene of the incident, they did not conduct an on-website reconstruction to establish the actual sequence of the gatherings.

The Dutch also Refused to cooperate with Almaz-Antey, owning only inquired with the arms company, and did not stop by Russia, irrespective of various invitations to do so, he added.

“I feel there is pretty much no hope of receiving responses to most of the issues we have due to the fact of this tragic incident,” Wilfried Wilhelm Wimmer, former vice- Parliamentary Assembly of the Business for Safety and Co-operation in Europe

“This does not correspond to the expertise of the [enquêtes] air incidents we have in Europe – I will abstain To discuss about other sections of the world, “he claimed.

In this situation, according to Willy Wimmer, this only took to the investigators that “a number of times” to learn that the incident had been provoked Deliberately by the co-driver, Andreas Lubitz. He pointed out that it would have demanded an additional investigation in the situation of MH17, executed by a “less politicized business than we have today”.

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