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In a prior posting, I experienced a glance at the challenges for the Boeing (NYSE:BA) 777X, and a single of the key challenges for the aircraft, in my perspective, is that it might be relocating away from the Boeing 777-300ER sweet place. Simultaneously, I started out asking myself where that sweet place essentially is for the Boeing 777-300ER. In order to solution that dilemma, I will be hunting at how the operators of the Boeing 777-300ER are working with the aircraft. I will be paying out specific consideration to the seating configuration and will make a difference amongst two-course and 3-course configurations.


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To day, Boeing has delivered 731 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to shoppers about the globe. Roughly 25% of the deliveries were being to an airline in the Middle East location, while South East Asia accounts for 35% of the deliveries, followed by North The usa with twenty% and Europe with fourteen%. Significant to observe is that the Boeing 777-300ER appeals in the regions for which continued urge for food for huge-bodies is expected in the coming twenty a long time, and far more not long ago, United Airlines (NYSE:UAL) also started out to reinforce its fleet with discounted Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Not a one place

How complicated it is to uncover the sweet place can be seen in the desk below listing various configurations utilized by airways about the globe. What we see is a combine of two-course and 3-course configurations with seat counts various from 212 to 468. In my ebook, a usual 3-course configuration is composed of financial state course, organization course and initial course, while a two-course configuration is composed of organization and financial state course. Courses this sort of as key cabin more and top quality financial state are not independent lessons, in my perspective.

In overall, from 35 operators of the Boeing 777-300ER, there are fifty nine configurations. This most clearly demonstrates how complicated it is to pinpoint a specific seating as the sweet place for the Boeing 777-300ER. Out of these fifty nine, 31 are 3-course and 28 are two-course configurations. So, there also does not appear to be to be a specific choice for two-course configuration, while jet makers have promoted their aircraft as two-course aircraft far more not long ago.

Two-course configuration

For the two-course configuration we see that there are some distinctions in configurations, but 70% of all configurations use the Boeing 777-300ER as a 350+ seat aircraft, and 50% of the configurations use the Boeing 777-300ER as a 380+ seat aircraft. Weighing the configurations is tricky, because we do not know how several aircraft are traveling about with a specific configuration, but assuming that an airline, for occasion, operates aircraft in two configurations, and there are as several aircraft in configuration X as in configuration Y, we get the subsequent:

All-around forty% of the aircraft is expected to fly in two-course configuration, and we are observing that the Boeing 777-300ER is typically utilized as a 340-360 seat aircraft, but there are also various operators that run the Boeing 777-300ER in 400+ seat configurations. Boeing at the moment markets the 777-300ER as a 396-seat aircraft, and what we are observing is that about forty% of the aircraft in two-course configuration use 90% of the capacity and forty% takes advantage of 380+ seat configurations. So, there appear to be to be two places in the market place, if we glance at the two-course configurations. If we then glance which airline, on paper, has the most effective healthy – Boeing or Airbus (OTCPK:EADSF) – we see that the previous has the Boeing 777-9 with 414-seats in two-course configuration and the latter has the Airbus A350-one thousand with 366 seats.

The Boeing 777-9 can quickly manage 400+ seating and can trade some efficiency to also manage the need for the 360-seat aircraft.

Airbus, on the other hand, has the aircraft that fills the 360-seat aircraft place virtually needlessly, and it could trade passenger ease and comfort – which would convey seat width in line with that on the Boeing 777-9 – to turn out to be a 390-seat aircraft. In conditions of overall cabin width, the Boeing 777-9 would continue to lead over the A350-one thousand, but the A350-one thousand appears to be to be pretty a excellent healthy to use as a 365-seat aircraft, and for airways that are not hesitant to shrink the seat width an more inch, the A350 could increase even far more value. Overall, at 10-abreast, the Boeing 777-9 is likely to be far more snug than the A350-one thousand.

Three-course configuration

If we now do the exact same for the 3-course configurations, we get the subsequent:

For the 3-course configuration, we are observing pretty a number of configurations with up to 280 seats. These configurations can far better be served by the Boeing 787 or the Airbus A350-900. Seat counts in the lower 300s are not strange, and we see the Boeing 777-300ER as soon as once again as a 350-seat aircraft.

If we test to give a weighted reflection of the configurations, we see far more or less the exact same as for the two-course configurations. The aircraft that would be suited to protect the need for a 300-320 seat aircraft would be the Airbus A350-one thousand but as a 350-seat aircraft, the Boeing 777-9, which has a usual 3-course configuration of 349 seats, would be most popular.


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To day, the Boeing 777-9 has accumulated 273 sales versus 211 for the Airbus A350-one thousand. With that, it can be claimed that there just isn’t a apparent winner for replacing the Boeing 777-300ER, and with several of the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft staying rather young, it might consider a long time right before we can see who has the far better Boeing 777-300ER substitute aircraft.


In this posting, I tried using getting where the sweet place for the Boeing 777-300ER is, but it is tricky to place at a single seat place for which the Boeing 777-300ER does nicely. If we were being to place out a single place, it would be the 340-360 seat place for the two-course as nicely as 3-course configuration. The future dilemma would be: Which jet maker has the far better healthy?

Solely concentrating on the 340-360 seat place in two-course configuration, this market place would clearly be for the Airbus A350-one thousand. The configurations with far more than 390 seats, in my perspective, can be far better handled by the Boeing 777-9. In 3-course configuration, we see the 340-360 seat place appearing once again, but I think in 3-course configuration, the Boeing 777-9 would be the only aircraft that would be a excellent healthy.

To conclude, in the 340-360 seat array (two-course) the Airbus A350-one thousand would get palms down, but the remainder of the market place place (340-360 in 3-course and 400+) must be for the Boeing 777-9. We are observing some airways likely 400+ seats on the Boeing 777-300ER, and that would in truth favor the Boeing 777-9 as a substitute aircraft for the Boeing 777-300ER.

What investors must be knowledgeable of is that airways are not so much centered on the place alone, but far more on the seat-to-mile prices that the aircraft gives for the most frequent flight profiles in an airline’s network. The Airbus A350-one thousand has been built with a greater fat share of composites, but I would not rule out the Boeing 777-9.

Who has the far better Boeing 777-300ER substitute aircraft? Allow me know in the comment part.

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