Whole flight in Premium Economy or Premium Voyageur in Air France Boeing 777-300ER from Bangkok Suvarnbhumi to Paris Charles de Gaulle in June 2013. Boarding, meals, cabin, landing and disemarking.


  1. The new Air France Premium Eco has a lot of space, the only problem is that the seats don't recline enough ! it feels like the same recline as economy

  2. Great Video! Thanks for showing us the food selection etc. My 13 major flights have been from LAX to BKK (total hours 18) earlier on 747-400's now 777-300 ER (CX Cathay Pacific). Now I think I am in Paris after YOUR trip 😉 Bonjour!

  3. I have heard a lot of people complaining about AirFrance flight. Some of them I know personally, they were humiliated and discriminated by the flight attendant and ground staff in different cases and scenarios. Good that you had a nice experience. I personally would never fly with AirFrance. 😀 Frenchies do not deserve my money. Lol

  4. It looks like a very nice product what Air France offers , don't think i will ever try it , i am a Oneworld Alliance kind of person. But who knows , things do change.

  5. the necessaire was available at the beginning of the flight? were not the flight attendants who distributed?a

  6. At 3:47…what is the crew doing? air sanitazing? and another thing, the middle overbin dividing the twoclases is useless because of that "wall" between classes?? look at the middle section

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