Premium economy or Premium Voyageur onboard Boeing 777-300ER from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi in June 2013. The full flight.


  1. Nice! I will be flying Air France in Premium Economy soon from YYZ – Delhi(India). Does Air France offer Amenity Kit as well?

    doe they start you off with free champagne? How good is Meal? How many times do they serve meal or snack?

  2. I was considering doing AF premium economy on my next overseas flight. You are saying it is better. I'm one that actually likes economy. After watching your video I'll give it a try.

  3. Plastic cups and cutlery…shelf seat….almost same meal and buffet as in Economy…I do not think Worth the extra… besides if you are lucky and find 3  empty seats free in Economy lol….

  4. I really like this plane and I have had wonderful flights on Air France with this same plane. I went Narita  return from Paris and Johannesburg return on this plane also with Air France. An excellent airline.

  5. Thank you for the excellent video. I'm planning to fly this baby next year. But honestly, do you think it's worth the extra $ ?

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