The whole Etihad Boeing 777-300 flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi in May 2013


  1. My family and I love ethiad we went on economy first but since we go there a lot we have a golden Memberships which means free upgrades and I love there food

  2. the airlines was delayed while going and while coming back not 5 mins but an entire hour 

    the staff is racist and rude and has no consederation for passengers on long flight 

    very rude to senior citizen this in other country is a criminal offence 

  3. I saw the most beautiful woman I've ever seen working as a stewardess on a Etihad flight between Abu dhabi and london or bkk. … I still remember her face. Creepy, I know!

  4. When it comes to food Etihad Airline is CHEAPO. Food they served is like KID MEAL. In CONTINUES 14 hours flight Etihad Airline served DINNER around 9:00pm. They serving portion/quantity was so small. After eating passengers were discussing with each other that they still feeling hungry.

    At day break in the morning NO BREAKFAST at all. An hour before landing in Abu Dhabi A LOUSY SNACK was served.

    SHAME ON C H E A P O ETIHAD AIRLINE. The service of this Airline isn't that great either.

  5. Nice video!! When you boarded did she ask you to switch the camera off? If so that's a first. As exhibited by my videos, the crew didn't ask me to switch off my camera.. Anyways nice video presentation 🙂 Cheers!

  6. Not on an A330-202 which i did, but on their 787 Dreamliner. . . .Gutted! Will check prices for Malaysian airlines, do u book through the airline directly or a comparison website ?

  7. I'll not be flying with them on my next trip, when i flew with Qatar frm Manchester to Doha last month it was on a 6 day old 777-3DZ ER. There was only 89 pax onboard, during the flight the crew served drinks to the passengers every 45 mins for the entire flight which i have to say was really nice, food wise, it was ok, but it could have been better (Emirates has been the best so far when it comes to food) I left if i had of stayed an extra week i would have flown back

  8. I've used them a number of times in the past but this time I felt the cabin crew were totally disinterested. Not one alcoholic drinks round on the 2nd leg from AD to Bangkok. The seats are also the narrowest I've seen on any long-haul carrier. I'd use Malaysian everytime. Only paid £466 though.

  9. I came home from thailand 12 days ago, really enjoyed my trip, how did u find Etihad ? Thinking of flying with them or malaysian on my next trip next year

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