Whole flight LHR-PEK-BKK Air China Boeing 777-300ER Business Class = Part 1


  1. This is Business class. They are serving Johnnie red? Where are the 12 year / 15 year single malts or Johnnie gold /blue label? No class, No standard. Poor product

  2. Oy, there are only two choices on the Western menu for mains!!! one of which is vegetarian- a hot potch of (cheap)vegetable trimmings in soy sauce broth/sauce. Abomination. better offerings on CX, LH, UA, BA, MH,SQ etc in their cattle class.

  3. Crap airline, crap lounge (unless they use a fellow star alliance member's)crap food, crap attitude from the fa's, crap ammenities and crap fellow (uncivilize) fellow passengers. That's about sums it up.

  4. Jonnie red label? In Biz class? At least black label if not double black or gold label. for pek – bangkok fly Thai. they are good. Great food , wine and service.

  5. lounge looks ok. but i would a more subdued cozy waerm relaxing ambience. food n beverage below standard; same as what you get in steerage on some airlines eg Cathay, Singapore, EVA. a very poor product.

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