The new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is bigger than the original, but still flies amazing maneuvers for a large airliner.


  1. Malaysian Govt should not buy Boeing anymore due to planes of MH-17 was shot down and MH-375 still missing without trace. US Govt double standard about this. Malaysian should buy Airbus instead of Boeing.

  2. WTH is up with those takeoffs and turns? Is this thing a commercial airliner or a fighter jet? 🙂 (Note to pilots: please do not attempt these maneuvers when I am on your flight!)

  3. So cool. I cant wait to go back to the air show next yr at Andrews AFB. Nothing like this show though. This one has everything from Commercial to Military. Would love to go to this one. 

  4. I always think about it when i see these amaizing shots, these airliner are capable of doing these manouvers only when empty or they do not do these take-off everytime because of the passengers?

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