I was able to spot N787FT sitting near the tower of Paine Field. This is the 5th 787 Dreamliner out of production. It’s slated for dismantling. I’m guessing it must’ve went through some serious testing if it’s not being fixed up for an airline??


  1. This is one of the very first of the SCREWED UP examples of a very flawed 787 that initially cost hundred of millions and put 787 program in the toilet as a result of all the problems of the WORLD CONCEPT of having everyone contribute to the building of the 787.. I think the" brilliant thinking" of those who created that concept are now witness to their blunders . But more than likely all got promotions!!!

  2. The idea of the first planes was to test the 787 design, not exactly to be commercial. These early models helped to refine the experimental design that ended being commercially produced. I imagine that now they have no real use.

  3. Well, it was used on the display circuit for several years. It's probably going to be reused to build more Dreamliners.

  4. Probably subjected to lots of stalls and other pre-certification maneuvers rendering it not suitable for passenger service. I agree with you…..really sad looking item.

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