Date: July 4, 2016
Airline: Air Canada
Flight: AC 878
Aircraft & Registration: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner C-FKSV
Departure: 6:29pm from Gate E76 at Toronto Lester B. Peason International Airport
Arrival: 7:47am at Zurich International Airport
Seat: 12A (Premium Economy Class Bulkhead)
Flight time: 7 hrs 18 mins
Camera: Sony HDR-XR550VE


  1. Very disappointing. I watched because of the title. All you did was play with the IFE. If I had wanted that, I would have gone elsewhere. I won't be subscribing!

  2. Premium economy is the best

    we have Vistara in India by Singapore airlines and tata ad they offer PE.

    its the best airline in India.

    the only reason I fly PE over E are

    1.Hot towels

    2.Dedicated check in counters

    3.Priority baggage at arrivals

    4.Extra leg room in Vistara's case its a320 with 33 inch Pitch,18

    5.Welcome drinks

    6.Dedicated menu

    but yeah the food is quite the same both in economy and PE its just the presentation.

    like if in E they serve in boxes then in PE they will serve in tray.


  3. How much of a difference in price is there between Economy and Premium Economy?  Great job on the video!   I just bought a Go Pro video camera (my first videocam) and am learning how to use it.

  4. Great video! Especially showing us Zurich airport as well. Most travelers would only film the flight itself, but you definitely did a FANTASTIC job! A+ (y)

  5. mean old lady with short grey hair on the right at 2:00 and on your flight at 4:22 she looks mad and crazy ,,,and she is looking at you both times…i think she is mad because she did not get first class

  6. Great video, well done! Zurich Airport reminds me of Manchester about 14 years ago, so ho-hum. I hope they were renovating because it sure does need a bit more of an inviting atmosphere. It also looked very confusing where to go after the arrival. Funny that baggage claim is after customs, I know in Toronto YYZ baggage claim is before customs because they often insect what's inside of your luggage.

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