EDIT – When the plane is in the air, it flies 2.5 degrees nose high so the seat compensates for that angle therefore is fully flat.

A brief look at Air Canada’s newest addition 787 Dreamliner on a stopover in Vancouver (YVR) I test out all 3 cabins and even get to talk to the Captain and On Board Coach. I haven’t even flown in this yet but I can tell you that it’s already my new favorite aircraft.


  1. Hard work that Pays off. Great Job AC Marketing Team. Enjoyed your awesome Video and I am truly Blessed to be a part of AC YYZ. Thank You.

  2. You'll call it the Screamliner when the batteries blow up or the engines ice over and stop working and you plummet towards the ground. Also hope you aren't fond of having knee caps as they get sheared off from the seat in front of you. Happy flying!

  3. Let's take an in-depth look at the batteries. No? Didn't think so. Ask the people who build and engineer this plane whether they would fly on it, and see how many say they will not.

  4. Air Canada lost my luggage when attending my grand father's funeral. Was never sent from Toronto. When I complained they offered me a measly 15% discount on my next flight with them and them only. When I rebuttled, they simply didn't respond! Terrible how they get away with this.

  5. Flew on this before. Awesome concept of an airliner for a long flight. I actually flew from Brisbane to Vancouver. 🙂

  6. Fuck touch screens entertainment systems….. its like having your head being smashed by a bat constantly throughout the flight

  7. I love this interior. Ive only been on the 787 once but I've been on the new retrofitted 777 with the new interior multiple times!

  8. You said the bed mode didn't go all the way down probably because of the foam. I am guessing it is because the plane flies with a slight nose up position. When it is flying I bed that bed is flat.

  9. I hope it is successful but as we have it anything new in design such as using a different material and higher altitudes there may be initial problems with it and i hope it doesn't include loss of life. Be careful..

  10. The central ac sucks, I prefer the individualized air settings on previous models. Flying economy on these planes makes for a very unpleasant flight, but it is what it is.

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