Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Today, on February 9, 2017, Air Canada unveiled its new livery on the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in Toronto and the Airbus A321-200’s in Montreal and Vancouver simultaneously. And luckily, me and a few other members from Toronto Pearson Aviation were able to go in with a friend of mine who’s parents for for Air Canada and see the whole thing so big thanks to them! Due to a test I was writing earlier in the day, I could not see the grand unveil that the media attended at 1210hrs local time but I went in at 1430hrs local time when the Air Canada employees were able to bring their family and friends in to view this aircraft. And I was one of them. Let me tell you, I remember being on this aircraft in 2014 when it was delivered in May and it was so good to be back on it today, three years later. Got some bonuses too as shown in the video plus the video sections below so you can view everything from the times played! A huge clap goes to Air Canada on an awesome job of their new livery. As soon as I saw it, I loved it from the start! Enjoy the video!


0:04 Intro and Air Canada Mock Star Alliance Livery Landing RWY 23 on Tuesday night
1:15 First look at the New Livery and Walk-around of the aircraft
5:48 Walk inside the aircraft from back to front
12:20 View of the cockpit
13:05 Exit from the cockpit and further walk around
14:45 Media cockpit access (big thanks to my friend for this!)
16:45 Final remarks and closing

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  1. What happened to a rather more progressive, more dynamic and striking aircraft livery – in "Canadian" red. What's with the BLACK and the 60s-70s graphics, and typographical identifiers. Retro boring!!!

  2. That's great that they are getting rid of that yukky bluish/greenish colour..this is way cool and retro nice

  3. Wow looks like just saw the new livery the inside part looks marvellous I like it the Dreamliner is very nice

  4. I have to say, I flew one of these back from LA to Toronto last week, and wow! It looked VERY impressive sitting at the jetway. Far more classy than the other airlines' designs, and the black accents really make it stand out. Amazing work Air Canada!

  5. I think it' a 30 years step back. The previous maple leaf was much better. And, the color black, I wonder if AC is living a depression!!!

  6. I want to see an unvaling of a new livery colored plane!!! lucky! I live in Kansas, US and I will have to fly somewhere. I'm 10 so I cant. All of the major us airlines have new liverys. I will probably not get to see an unvaling ever in my life!!!!

  7. I think it looks great, and I love the windows!!  Great new look.  Looking forward to seeing some new livery in 1/200 scale

  8. Nice to see this new bold black and white livery for Air Canada. I never liked the washed out toothpaste livery it's replacing. Keep up the good Pearson videos!

  9. This is a combo of the 80s livery and the 90s livery. The logo is the 80s one but the color scheme is from the 90s.

  10. this was a fantastic video earnest of this new livery on this beautiful jet!  love the new livery very sharp and attractive for sure. it must have been great to see the cockpit up close to!  all in all a very nice looking airliner with great detail.  nicely done!        rob

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