As one of the First Officers onboard Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Marc-Antoine Plourde was truly born to fly.


  1. Customers in the economy class are not happy because the seats are so tight and there are not enough personal spaces. As a result, we get tired in the long routes. This aircraft is Dreamliner from business prospective, but it is nightmare from consumer prospective !

  2. I have now flown on both the A-350 and the 787-9, both are incredible improvements in airframe construction, the A350 is a little bit wider, but the layout of the 787with the lighting, windows, and storage is superior. I could see the entire 787 wing and I watched it's flexing carefully. The 787 was a tire to tail all new, development, the A-350 was adapted from other Airbus models, not a entirely new development. Airbus used a window frame construction with composite panels fitting into the frames, the 787 used entire sheets of composite which meant that fasteners had to be developed from nothing, this took time with numerous trial and error to get it right. I did prefer the 787 because Boeing took the time to engineer a completely new experience and you feel it, it shows

  3. Fantastic! The 787 is the only aircraft that I have yet to fly on with Air Canada since the early sixties. I hope to complete the list!

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