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2160p 4K! (My first 4K video!)

So I have a new 4K Camcorder. New editing software. And this video onboard a New Aircraft! Also a slightly new style of video, let me know if you like the new style.

Onboard Air France’s Brand New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner F-HRBA, from London Heathrow to Paris Charles De Gaulle. This was only the second ever visit of this aircraft to London. Its being used to Heathrow 6 times a week for the next few months. When I saw AF were sending their 787-9 to Heathrow I couldn’t resist booking a seat on it. This was filmed on Tuesday 7th February 2017, the inaugural flight was just the day before. I was seated in seat 10A, in Economy Plus. A perfect seat, lots of room, by the bulkhead so no-one in front. Pushing back bang on time and a very short taxi to RWY27L. Beautiful views during the climb out, over the M25 and left turn towards the south coast. Climbing to a cruising level of 25,000ft. I then got offered a drink and a croissant, while having a look at some of the features on the Air France Dreamliner. After only a few minutes in the cruise we were beginning the descent into Paris. Not a pleasant day in Paris, very poor visibility and light rain. Made for some fantastic reverse thrust effects during the deceleration. Over all a beautiful aircraft and fantastic little flight across the English Channel.

Airline: Air France, AF
Flight Number: AF1681
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Engine Type: 2x GEnx-1B
Seat: 10A, Economy Plus
Departure Time: 09:40 (airborne 09:57)
Arrival Time: 11:55 (Landed 11:52)
Flight Time: 55mins
Date: Tuesday 7th February 2017
Departure Runway: RWY27L
Arrival Runway: RWY27R
Max. Cruising Alt: 25,000ft (FL250)
Route: LHR-CDG

Some beautiful views during the flight and great quality with my new Camcorder! Let me know what you think!
Unfortunately there was a screaming child nearby and it continued to wail for the majority of the flight. Nothing I can do about that I’m afraid… Hope it doesn’t distract you from the video too much.

Thanks for watching!

Let me know what you think of my new style and new 4K quality video!
I won’t be uploading every video in 4K as it is a lengthy editing & uploading process, but there is certainly more to come.



  1. I love it, the Dreamliñer looks awesome in red, white, and blue minimalist, very clean, designs, BA and AF have done a nice job.

  2. I had the opportunity to fly LATAM's B787-9 once between MAD and FRA and I fell in love with that airplane. Lovely. I hope I will fly AF's. Good video as always! What is your 4K camcorder ?

  3. Nice video 🙂 I like how you caught the rain being sucked into the engine off the ground while waiting to take off, and the condensation on the wings during the climb.

  4. shut that stupid thing up imagine if this was transatlantic?????? babies on planes such a joke ………….nice video mate not your fault Dreamliner has some nice gimmicks surprised they use it on such a short route as this

  5. How did you get a seat in Economy Plus? I am looking at tickets for this route and it seems you can only search for Economy or Business?

  6. Just a quick question, you we're in economy plus, how did you book that? Is that by choosing economy flex when booking? I'm planning to do this flight too in June 😀

  7. Awesome Video Matt 🙂 Love the New Style. Superb Camera Quality 🙂 Looking Forward to more videos 🙂 Is it OK if I share this via my Facebook Group? 🙂

  8. That screaming kid off in the distance was louder than the engines on take-off roll! Very quiet jet. I'll be flying on a 787 next month from YYC to FRA. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I want to start with a very big and heart felt "THANK YOU" to Train_PlaneHub, "RachaelMatt". Of late so many videos are edited to remove the sounds of the startup or remove the video part of the push-back, taxi or even the climb out and I for one watch them in part for seeing and hearing these parts. To see a newer airliner and it's service in these areas is part of the love of flying. Please keep them complete and coming like this one.

    I've also wondered about setting up a questionnaire type page for videos on YouTube where people could see what is liked and not liked about the videos that they post in order to make them better.

  10. hello how are you I am fine doing good.
    I remember you will need of new Boeing 787 wonderful. I will ask you try want to your new 38A window by the wing. Must your new video GoPro Hero is ver nice. The Full Flight and All Record new Hours say 10 Hours 45 Minutes ok thank you :). Smile!

  11. I was on the same flight as you, and I did not even realise until I saw your snapchat. Its awesome to see the flight on video 🙂 I sat in 1A so probably why we missed each other.

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