Your decision on the Boeing 787 marks you as someone who does not settle for anything less than absolute perfection in the most advanced form available. Find out in this movie how Air Hansa Technik has approached the worlds top designers with the goal of providing you with all the luxury, quality, craftsmanship and perfection that you rightly expect on the ground

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  1. Humanity is moving backwards, the future will find a minority extremely rich to ridiculous levels and a vast majority submerged into poverty, sub employed, low salaries, and urban violence. Just as we see it in the Charles Chaplin old movies, meaning we are going back to the past, moving backwards.

  2. True that airbus is mire decked out in therms of avionics but I ment the ergonomics tech of boeing from the passenger cabin to the cockpit is just unmatched

  3. I dont think anyone would want a 787 as a private jet, its just to big, a 737 would suffice. Also the 787 is one of the best aircraft ever flown, and Airbus still has a long way to go to match boeing in terms of technology and design.. The 747 has a longer history than Airbus itself

  4. Yes, you are correct, nearly all aircraft have teething issues, however it seems that 787 has had poor form ever since the massive delays in it's design and production. I think waiting it out for the A350 may be the best choice for potential buyers!

  5. A new product having unforeseen technical issues? Unheard of! But TBH I wouldn't have a 787 as my private jet, if I had that kind of money I would probably go for a 767 and with the left over money buy a new Ferrari or something.

  6. Ok asshole, maybe you didn't get the joke. I will fire back my counter argument.

    1. My home has not caught fire, and the amount of house fires per house is far lower than that figure for all 787s built so far.

    2. My home can do that, but it hasn't, nor does it require constant maintenance or replacement of parts due to product recalls which could cause it to crash.

    3. My home is above 230m^2, and let's not include the area of the garden around it either for your sake.

    fuckin boeing fanboys..

  7. 1. Your home can in fact catch fire. That's why most cities and towns employ firemen and build fire stations.

    2. Your home can flood, burn, leak, require repairs and fail, just like any other home.

    3. I kind of doubt you live in a 2,500 square foot home.

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