Our video review of our the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Mumbai-London Heathrow flight in Air India Business Class (business class) in October 2016. Have you been in Executive Class? Tell us your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Music: Roots & Wings by Sheila Chandra, available to buy on iTunes.


  1. air india food is very tatsy …both food menu and drinks list was exhaustive …very impressed by the choices available … but the presentation needs drastic improvement …. the red logo on every dish and glass is so not required ….. if the tray was underlined by a white cloth napkin instead of a paper placemat it would look elegant … amul butter packets is very economy ..butter should be served in individual china butter cuplets ….. all the food on one tray again is very economy …. food should come out in courses …first fruit and pastries followed by the hot meal for breakfast or first salad and starter followed by main course …. food should be preplated …then presentation doesnt suffer or else crew need to be trained properly on food plating

  2. An Air India video with irritating background music. I thought it couldn't get worse. Then the food presentation shows up. 🙁 Awful. I have travelled number of times on Air India, but this is the worst setup I have seen. I stopped watching half way through itself. Disappointing.

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