Welcome aboard one of the newest aircraft in the skies…. the Boeing 787-9. Air New Zealand is the launch customer of the type and are currently flying it between Auckland and Sydney, soon to be followed by Perth and some Asian destinations.

These Auckland/Sydney runs have been a way for the crew to familiarise themselves with the aircraft before long haul services commence. This video has been filmed in the brand new Premium Economy cabin, this particular seat is different to that found on the B777-300ER, it’s a more typical recliner seat in black leather.

This comprehensive video shows flight NZ104 and includes the boarding, pushback, engine start (great start sound), taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, meal service, a look at the economy cabin, descent and landing in Auckland.

Please note that whilst I was sitting in Premium Economy, the service is standard Tasman economy. This is because Air New Zealand don’t sell premium economy on short haul sectors, however you can pre-purchase a seat for an additional charge. These seats are also provided to elite frequent flyers and those travelling on the works deluxe or premium economy long haul fares.

There is the ability to purchase food and snacks on the entertainment touch screen and have them delivered, you will see this demonstrated in this video.

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  1. Ample seats empty,bet on the return flight the plane would have been full of Kiwi's some would have been sitting on the wings to get to Australia

  2. the only problem is the windows i know it is built for quietness for people who hate that loud genx trent 1000 or whatever it is but i not a fan of that i like engine noise

  3. I recently flew Business Class (Air NZ) from Auckland to Melbourne and I cant rave enough how beautiful the flight was. I will be going on holiday to USA later in the year, premium economy is more then double the price of economy. Worth it??? Business Class is $7,000ish, going to fly lower class for the long haul price.

  4. Beautiful plane, but I was floored to see you had to pay for food in the Premium Economy cabin. Aren't the PE fares all-inclusive?

  5. Great vid man. Beautiful aircraft and i am convinced that this one is flying as smooth as silk. Quiet and spacious.Whispering engines and less carbon emissions. New Zealand seems to be a very modern and trendy country.Hope to get there asap….

  6. Excellent.  When it's only a few hours between Oz and NZ in premium economy.  I'd endure that too, and with a smile on my face, even at my age.  But NOT when I'm enduring 26 hours between Britain and Down Under.  This, I have to tell you, is seriously bad, and only endurable in Business Class if you're over 60.  Even if it means travelling China Southern.  But don't knock it if you haven't tried it!  They'll get you there, safely, and relatively cheaply.  They're fine, they really are, giving value for money and flight security, if rather odd food (interesting) and not top-class in-flight entertainment, which is not really so very important.  Guangzhou airport is a bit odd, but one can cope with it, and it's rather interesting really, as it's a bit weird.  I found it a lot of fun.  I met lovely stewardesses, and a very mindful rat.  What else could you possibly want on your trip?

  7. Worst thing ever is whenever you're forced to fly a CRJ-700 on a route. Then a few months later, you're spotting a 787-9 from the same exact airline in the same exact flight number flying the same exact route. Had to fly a CRJ-700 on UAL from KIAH-KDFW then they use the lovely 789. Nice vid

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