June 14 (Bloomberg) — The Airbus A350 took its maiden flight in France. Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker takes a closer look at the obstacles Airbus has faced to get this flying behemoth into the sky.

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  1. No way……..787 rules in international passenger……..a320 rules in domestic passenger……..boeing 747 rules in freighter……

  2. Boeing planes are good when it comes to quality, performance, and do meet their customers satisfaction by improvement and so the Airbus too. But it's expensive.

  3. Guys, before you say company x is "fucked". Please think about all those employees, they have to feed them self and their family.

  4. BOEING needs to pay attention & I am sure that they are watching very closely  !  A 350 seems to have had a very smooth & on schedule roll out !

    Boeing 787 on the other hand  – massive outsourcing — years late & lots of problems – fires, cracked windscreens etc.

    Sales will show who wins – my long term bet is AIR BUS!

    Airbus Fanboy's are out of touch and 787-8 and the 787-9  has established Boeing Dominance and when the 787-10 goes into production Airbus the A330-NEO cannot compete. Who wants the Gaz-Guzzling 30 year old plane and the A330-NEO does not have a viable engine. Boeing's 410 passenger 777-9X with GE's Goliath Engine variable thrust engine is going to crush the A350-900 and A350-1000. The A350-900 with RR-XWB engine is underpowered at 78,000 pounds of thrust. The A350-1000 will be killed before it goes in production. Why. Airbus promised Emirates & Qatar that the A350-800, A350-900 and A350-1000 would have the same engine with 100,000 pounds of thrust instead of two or three deferent engines. Without notice Airbus cancelled the A350-800 orders and then told them the A350-900 and A350-1000 is all they have.

    N APRIL 2007

    Airbus chief executive Louis the Lump Gallois had a face-to-face talks with senior General Electric management over finalizing the possible go-ahead of a new variant of the GEnx engine for the A350 XWB. The talks follow greater than before pressure from customers on the two manufacturers to come up with a solution by June. Airbus was demanding that GE build them an engine for their Precious A350!

    For some strange reason Louie Gallois though that GE maybe interested in supplying Airbus a possible GEnx variant to power the A350-800 and A350-900 variants for the A350, but not the A350-1000 which is the largest member of the A350 family. GE adamantly resisted offering an engine for the A350-1000, A350-900 and A350-800, for fear of potentially losing long-term sales of the Boeing 777-200LR/300ER, for which it has an Exclusivity Contract with Boeing for the GE G-90-115B with 115,000 pound of thrust making it the world’s most fuel efficient jet engine. Evidently Airbus was unaware that Boeing paid GE $2 Billion USD’S to develop the GE G-90-115B for Boeing aircraft only. Why do the Eurotards at Airbus think they are entitled to Boeing’s famous GE G-90-115B jet engine? Oh that’s right Airbus is socialist entity and they believe they have a right to use GE technology that Boeing paid for? Lumpy Louie Gallois had a bad day when GE said no to Airbus Sycophants  on every count.


    General Electric told Airbus they don’t want to compete with itself against! Look like Airbus is facing another setback in the development of its A350 XWB? This time around, however, the problem seems to lie not within the company… but outside, regarding a supplier. As usual with jet engine developments Airbus waits to the last minute to find a jet engine for the A350!


    It appears now, however, there were bunches of French sour grapes in that statement. The Wall Street Journal reports that GE appears reluctant to offer any version of its GEnx Engines for Airbus. GE explained to Airbus its policy of not competing with itself.


    General Electric presented a version of the GEnx to power the smaller A350-800 and A350-900 models of the XWB however Airbus wanted the GE G-90-115B model for its A350-1000-XWB, to compete with long range versions of Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner and the extra longer range 777-300ER for which GE is the exclusive engine supplier for Boeings 777 family. Executives at GE have repeatedly told Lumpy Louie Gallois CEO of Airbus that it can’t have the GE G-90-115B and General Electric will not build Airbus engine to compete with the GE90 they supply for the 777 Family. Airbus is up shits creek without an engine other than the Rolls Royce engine offering known as the RR-XWB-97 engine which is an upgraded triple spool 30 year old Trent 900 engine that has a tendency for uncontained explosions will power the A350-1000. No problem however it seems the good ole boys at Rolls Royce are smoking crack again because the RR-XWB-97 is the same engine Trent core that exploded on Qantas Flight 32.


    Uh oh CEO Johnny Leahy has whined bitched complained and stated the problem we have with GE Aviation is they go to Boeing at Seattle and ask, 'What type of engine should we design and build for your aircraft?'" said Leahy. "Then GE Engineers come to Toulouse and say, 'Here is the kind of airframe you need to build to fit our engine.'’ Leahy was in tears and he came close to having a “Psychological Hernia”!

    Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Scott Carson appears happy to stand on the sidelines, watching the heated discussion play out because he knows that Boeing and GE Aviation are joined at the hip. In addition the GE & Boeing Exclusivity Contract covers not only covers the G-90-115-B, Genex1B, Genex2B and the all the new GE-9X with the ability to program the engine from 100,000 pounds of thrust to 115,000 pounds of thrust. 

    Executives at General Electric played down that likelihood and said, "It's absolutely not true nor is it our goal to provide preferential treatment for Boeing . John Leahy, CEO Airbus was in tears and utterly failed to understand that in America it's first come first serve in addition to the fact the GE does not like snotty Eurotards at Airbus who think or believe they are entitled to use Boeings technology and business connections. Airbus CEO Lumpy Louie Gallois almost had a conniption when he learned there was no GE G-90 or any other GE engine for Airbus with the exception for GE LeapX engine for the A320-PEON and Airbus executives should get down on their knees and be thankful to the GE-AVIATION GOD that allows  Airbus access to that fuel efficient engine because without Airbus would go out of business!


    GE and Boeing stated, “Airbus happened to build an aircraft that overlaps with the 777 and its GE G-90 engine.” Boeing’s CEO Scott Carson we have an Exclusivity Agreement with GE," said Carson.  However some whacko Airbus Fanboy asked, If Boeing was willing going to give up its Exclusivity Contract? CEO Scott Carson replied, “Not on your life." That was a good day for Boeing because Airbus has finally got it's teeth kicked in and learned that Boeings tradition of ordering a new engine for a new plane has its advantages and every upgrade made by GE on the following engines are “ US Patent Protected” so the G-90-115-B, Genex1B, Genex2B and the all the new GE-9X Goliath Super Engine cannot be used by Airbus period.  So the Airbus A350-800, A350-900 and A350-1000 is stuck with its outdated Trent 797 thirty year old triple spool engine core on their supposedly state of the art A350-900 and A350-1000? In addition the RR-XWB-97 engine is at the end of its lifespan which means it cannot be altered to increase its thrust which means Airbus cannot build a stretch A350-1100 that can hold 400 passengers to compete with the 410 passenger 777-9X. This means Airbus cannot compete with the 410 passenger Boeing 777-9X and the 369 passenger 777-8X. The People at Airbus must be heartbroken to say the least. I must say I feel sorry for them, ha, ha!


    When Airbus opened in 1970 they took advantage of the fact that Boeing paid Pratt Whitney over $2 Billion US Dollars to develop jet engines and jet engine upgrades for the Boeing 707, 727, 737 and than the 747-200 and 747-400.  When Airbus opened they realize they did not have to spend a penny for jet engine development for the A320, A321 and A330. Airbus went to Pratt Whitney and bought, “Quality Off  The Rack Jet Engines” that Boeing paid billions of USDS to Pratt & Whitney to develop. Boeing complained and Airbus got away with cheating Boeing.


    If one checks the statistics and “Boeing Traditions” you will learn that every time Boeing designs and builds a new plane they order a new jet engine four or five years prior to the date of launch. However this time it was different and GE became Boeings best aviation partner in addition they would provide Exclusivity Contracts on all new jet engines they build for Boeing military and civilian aircraft. I’ll bet Pratt Whitney regrets the day they let Airbus cheat Boeing by selling them engines that Boeing paid to develop. When Boeing started building the new Twin Engine 777’S with the world biggest and most powerful fuel efficient jet engine the GE G-90-115-B had 115,000 pounds of thrust. When the 777 entered the market it killed the Airbus A340 with i’s revolutionary fuel efficient jet engine the G-90-115-B has 115,000 pounds of thrust and had broke all aviation distance and speed records held by four engine and twin engine jets. The 777 carries more passengers used less fuel and GE G-90-115-B has the best safety record in the aviation industry to this day.


    It’s time Airbus wakes up to the fact that their lying and cheating ways will no longer be tolerated in the USA. Airbus should not be allowed to have a plant in Alabama. Airbus has one goal and this is to build US military and civilian aircraft at the expense of US Taxpayers. You can be sure with a US address Airbus will have lobbyists in Washington to steal contracts from American workers. Airbus has one goal and that is to undermine and put Boeing out business using every dirty trick in the book. However Airbus fantasies will be its demise and the US Government that licenses GE engine to France could cancel its license if Airbus continues to subsidize Airbus aircraft. Last summer the US government came close to doing that in addition to applying a heavy tariff on every Airbus plane sold to US Airlines including engine parts.

  6. Is Airbus 350 a better plane than Boeing Dreamliner? very probably, Europeans are spirit to win the business competition with Boeing because of the unbeatable quality of their planes.

  7. It's funny how airbus copied Boeings winglets and other engineering designs. I guess rolls royce will copy GE's jet engines because rolls has no clue in how to innovate nowadays…

  8. Not entirely correct. Airbus engineers ruled lithium batteries out from the start, although the chief salesman wanted them. They have been proved correct. But Airbus will use them, once they have met absolutely all 'no risk' standards. Boeing took an ambitous gamble using lithium batteries and it hasn't paid off. Airbus should thank Boeing for proving a point. It has cost Boeing a lot of money.

    Yet another Airbus Thread polluted by 'Helga Schmidlap' and his ranting crap. Yes its a 'him'! He is a YouTube Troll and you only have to view his channel to see the utter racist and ill informed crap he spouts. Check out 'Wilbur Finnegan' as well. Its the same idiot.

    I can accept someone being a fan of a manufacturer or airplane as I am ex RAF and love aircraft but this idiot takes things to the lowest levels. Unless its American and Boeing nothing else counts and racism, abuse, disrespect, lies and re-writing of history are all fair game for this very sad individual. The sooner YouTube ban these channels like they banned his other one the better.

  10. Go A350 or 787 who cares,and helga schmidtlap what drugs are you on?There are no problems with the A350 and she wil be very good including their trent RR engines,you are very narrow-minded and not working in aviation.

  11. A350 has not flown and it's cheap RR engine have left it underpowered. It will not make production until 2015. Tthe A350-1000 will be cancelled cus Airbus promised Akbar All Baker the engines would have 100,000 LBS of thrust. RR can't stretch the old triple spooled trent engine to 100,000 LBS of thrust, Akbar All Baker CEO of Qatar will cancel his contract. BTW Boeing has an Exclusivity Contract with GE for the G-90 and the new GE-9X engine which means Airbus is up the creek without a paddle.

  12. Boeing built the 747-8I for their customers in addition those Boeing 747-8I sales cancelled any chance for the A380 to make a profit.

  13. The 777 is a pretty solid aircraft from what I can tell, and the 787 will probably get there eventually.

    IMHO it seems to me that the losers in the overall race, is the jumbos. A380 and B774 aren't selling quite as much as anticipated. One of the major problems with decade long development cycles. Realities tend to change, and fast.

  14. McNerney also reaffirmed the company’s widely expected plan to launch the 777X by year-end. “We continue to anticipate -8X and -9X this year, the latter of which will be the only twin-engined, twin-aisle with 400 seats in the market,” he added. The overall Boeing Commercial Airplanes backlog now stands at 4,787 aircraft , valued at $345 billion.
    Aviation Week, October 23, 2013

  15. To top it off, Boeing tried to outdo Airbus in the outsourcing and distributed development department.
    Except Airbus have three decades worth of experience doing that. Boeing didn't. And their quality control slipped.
    Then Boeing decided to skip bleed air, creating a plane that uses more electrical power than a small town. (over 2 MW while in flight if I recall).

  16. 1- Engineering challenge.
    2-It sold more than they could supply. The B747 sold over 1,000 units in some 40 years. Let's wait.
    3-Some airlines do need huge planes to carry more than 400 people, and they want it fuel efficient.

    The question to be asked is why would Boeing build the B747-8?

  17. Except it ain't cheaper. Even if it were, we ought to respect Airbus for making the planes they make. One has to be humble.

  18. The a350 is really doing a great job. The 787 cannot even compare to this airliner. I think all these airline's who bought it are kicking themselves in the ass. Jal for one…

  19. Airbus 350 may be the cheap version of the Boeing Dreamliner, but hasn't Boeing's Dreamliner been ridden with nightmarish glitches? Oops! Sorry, we're not allowed to criticize anything American! Boeing is no angel either. Remember the three engined Boeing 727? The design was pilfered from Hawker Siddley's Trident!

  20. This video shows an a320 and talks about how the 787 is essential to airbus? Please fact check and roof read blloomberg.

  21. There's nothing wrong with fly-by-wire as long as there are safety backup systems available. Don't forget that Boeing has FBW as well on their 777 fleet though it's not "Full Authority" giving the pilots the ability to override the FBW computer. No system is "fail-safe." Obviously, the public is not privy to all information regarding aircraft problems Airbus wishes not to disclose. I'm quite sure there have been problems with FBW systems on board Airbus planes that we are not aware of.

  22. Fire on an Ethopian Airlines B787 at Heathrow Airport, London, on the same day a Thompson Airways B787 had to return to Manchester Airport. Not a good day for Boeing. 787's could be grounded again.

  23. recall a crash where airbus lost control due to an electrical failure involving fly-by-wire? Have you seen the amount of times planes have crashed/almost crashed because they lost/were loosing hydraulics.

  24. Fly-by-wire systems are fine until you have an electrical failure which will cause you to lose control of the plane. That's the reason behind redundant systems such as hydraulic and or air pressure to move critical components but you already knew this right? LOL

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