With both next generation aircraft now in commercial service, here we compare the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350. Enjoy!

Singapore Airlines A350-900 takeoff and landing to and from both Houston and Singapore

9V-SMB (first flight in 2016)
9V-SMF (first flight in 2016 – just 3 months old at time of filming)
9V-SME (first flight in 2016)

Saudi Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner takeoff and landing to and from Jeddah

HZ-ARA (first flight in 2016)
HZ-ARB (first flight in 2015)

Thomson 787-8 Dreamliner takeoff to both Bridgetown and Cancun

G-TUIA ‘Living The Dream’ (first flight in 2013)
G-TUIE ‘Miles of Smiles’ (first flight in 2014)

All clips are taken from Manchester Airport


  1. The 787 is more comfortable and the A350 looks better. I've took the 787 once on JAL. I liked it! I've took the A350 once on Cathay Pacific ( I took the first ever CX A350, one week after it arrived Hong Kong) They both impressed me! BTW I like in Hong Kong

  2. A350 wins. It is graceful on finals and a lot more sexier. It is also more comfortable and quieter.

  3. 787 for me,the wings just looks beautifull.I do like the A350 too.I really like the cockpit window(exterior) on the A350.

  4. está mal la comparación entre el a350 y el 787. el rival del a350 es el 787-10. y el rival del 787-8 es el a330-200.

  5. Upon entry into service in 1974, the A300 was a very advanced plane, which went on to influence later airliner designs. The technological highlights include:

    -Advanced wings
    -Supercritical airfoil section for economical performance advanced aerodynamically efficient flight control surfaces
    -5.64 m (222 in) diameter circular fuselage section for 8-abreast passenger seating and wide enough for 2 LD3 cargo containers side-by-side
    -Structures made from metal billets, reducing weight
    -First airliner to be fitted with wind shear protection
    -Advanced autopilots capable of flying the aircraft from climb-out to landing
    -Electrically controlled braking system
    -In 1977, the A300B4 became the first ETOPS compliant aircraft
    -The first twin egine wide-bodied aircraft

  6. The A350 looks the best in Singapore Airlines livery, and the aircraft does have a nice presence about it. However the spool up and take off of the Tui B787 was just the best and really gave me the fizz! Both are sure to be great aircraft, and as plane spotters we all should just love every plane no matter who makes it! (Opinions expressed are my own)

  7. Boeing 787 steels it because it is more fuel efficient, it can fly slightly more farther than the a350 and it looks more nicer. But I still like flying on a350

  8. It's kind of sad how Airbus copied the cockpit glass design from the B787, and the 787 has those nice wings, but still, i like the A350 MUCH BETTER!!!

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