Airbus, Boeing Offer Better Planes for Kangaroo Route (BA)
Qantas is going to experiment with a 17-hour Perth-London non-stop flight on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner next year, with the aircraft
having lesser than usual seats, lesser weight in all possible areas like dishware, and a new-age flight route modeling method.
Qantas Airways Ltd. has been long looking for an aircraft
that is capable of flying non-stop over the “Kangaroo Route,” a term trademarked by Qantas that traditionally refers to air routes flown by Qantas between Australia and the United Kingdom via the Eastern Hemisphere.
Traffic on this route accounts for around 13% of Qantas revenues,
and getting a non-stop flight could be a game changer for the leading airline allowing it room for charging extra.
Aviation experts opine that if the oil prices don’t go much higher than around $70 per barrel, the 20-hour flight can be financially viable,
and could be on schedules within five years, reports Reuters
The two global aircraft competitors, Airbus and Boeing Co. (BA), now offer aircrafts
that appear capable of offering a non-stop air journey from Sydney to London.
Dinesh Keskar said that If the 787-9 can do Perth-London, we think
that when the 777-8 comes out in the 2021 timeframe we will have a lot more improvement in technology,

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