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Overall Impressions:

Unfortunately, this has been the dreaded “flight from hell”. Not only was the flight delayed almost 4 hours, there were also massive delays at LAX for just about everything else. It really was delays upon delays that day. I understand certain things are beyond the airlines’ control and ultimately what’s important is we get to our destination safely, in which we did. However for most people, traveling is already taxing enough as it is, and when you add delays and long wait times, it adds more stress which can be a recipe for disaster.The flight itself was fine, the service was done typical AA fashion with seemingly apathetic flight attendants just going through the motions. The food was very good as expected, as it was catered out of Tokyo. As I mentioned, the seats were comfortable for lounging and sleeping, but some of the seats move and shake as your neighbor moves, so be careful which seat you choose. Overall, I would give this flight a 6 out of 10.


Stabby – Hearts In Two


  1. I flew Business from LA to Auckland on the 787. Seats were great, service was decent, but it's better than flying in Main Cabin for 13 hrs.

  2. Nice video but wrong airline. On a long haul flight like this you are far better off taking JAL or ANA rather than a second class American flagged air carrier. I fly the pacific often and learned long ago that these days you are just better off not flying American anything!

  3. Great video. Food looked great, although I would need some instruction on eating Japanese food. Was the inflight service consistently good, or did the FAs disappear for a while after the meal service?

  4. I just noticed that the IFE system is the same as the retrofit one on BA's 747's, Panasonic right ?

    Love the 787, some Coke Zero this time I See lol, The Japanese meal looked good, was it tasty ?
    Some great views of downtown LA on the approach.

    Another great video buddy.

  5. It looks like American is stepping up its game. Or maybe it's the difference between the Asian routes and the European ones. Either way, great report!

  6. Amazingly beautiful, I wish you could tell us or explain if you feel any humidity difference or anything Boeing has said, we could experience inside the 787 cabin,
    Again thank you for a very nice video, American is getting better by the minute.

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