ANA All Nippon Airways is the newest entrant in the Vancouver-Tokyo Route. Operating as Flight NH117, this route is also served by Japan Airlines and Air Canada all on Boeing 787 Dreamliners. ANA utilizes the more convenient Haneda Airport in Tokyo for this flight with lots of connecting opportunities as it is also its hub airport.

Very hard to choose between this one and JL17 to Tokyo Narita.


  1. I just read that the 787-9 is a bit longer than the 787-8 and also has less drag. AC, ANA, JAL all have both the 787-8 and 787-9?

    You are in two 17 so counting towards the front row 12 should be the best seats because they're at the business class divider with no seats in front (lots of leg room). But when I check ANA seat configuration I cannot see your seat configuration.

    ANA seat configuration shows that the wing is from rows 10-22 but this cannot be. I was in row 15 with no wing. Was totally at the front part of the plane.

    I remember flying to Okinawa from Osaka recently and had the best flight of my life on ANA 787. I was surprise they used such a huge place for a short flight. Had the touch-tint lights etc. I was sitting in row 15 as far as I can remember which was also at the divider to business class so there were no seats in front of me. Tons of room. I remember it was at the divider to business class, I didn't pay any extra, and it was a huge interior. I think ti was a 3x3x3 config with huge space in the middle.

    I'm Canadian but avoiding Air Canada as much as possible. Sticking with ANA and JAL. Oh and everyone please stay away from Air Canada's low cost airline Rouge Air. Complete garbage. Air Canada is ok.

  2. Thanks for the video! I'll be going to Japan to Haneda from YVR so hopefully be on the same type of flight in Economy as well. I was wondering if there are usb ports included or a general international plug to charge your mobile devices.

  3. Flight to Tokyo from YVR is served by JAL and ANA on B787. It seems very hard to chose between ANA/AC/JAL, but I noticed that JAL maintains 2-4-2 seat layout in Economy class. ANA changed their seat layout to 3-3-3 abreast…. so I think JAL is better now. (bit expensive)

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