One flight to London and other to Delhi.
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Camera: Sony Hdr Cx-240e

Video © jemi1210


  1. from which place do u take such videos? even I would like to take some from there.. and is it allowed to take the videos or we have to take permission ?

  2. buddy thanks for this video….i adore airplanes since my childhood…..even in delhi , my hometown…… home is on the one end of new runway where its fantastic to see planes landing…i so want to sit and adore planes at this place in Mumbai from where u have shot this video…pls suggest how do i reach there…..would be grt if you let me know how can i reach this spot…..thx

  3. Fantastic Video, Massive Like and a Subscribtion. Mumbai has to be one of my favourite airports. Terminal 2 is just amazing. Maybe you could have a look at my channel?

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