On the seventh of July, CEO of Qatar Airways Al Baker stated that it had requested two Boeing (BA) 747-8 freighter aircraft from the US jet maker, which can be regarded as a massive beneficial for the jet whose output has been slashed to just 6 aircraft for each calendar year. So, one would imagine that in the order update that Boeing publishes weekly an order for the Boeing 747 would be extra. On the contrary.

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Boeing 747: A lot more cancellations

If we analyze Boeing’s published figures up till the 11th of July what gets clear is that no orders for the Boeing 747-8F have been extra and Boeing has also not verified any orders. This is fairly related to the Paris Air Present, wherever Al Baker stated his airline firmed an order for the Boeing 737 MAX. In the summarizing report of the air present, having said that, no order from Qatar Airways was mentioned which would make me imagine that no business aircraft deal has been signed by the Qatari carrier.

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In January, Boeing and Arik Air attained an settlement to swap two orders for the Boeing 747-8I to an order for two Boeing 787-nine aircraft. The swap did make a good deal of perception, because there never ever seemed to be a opportunity of the Boeing 747-8I becoming sent to the African carrier and even the Boeing 787 order can very easily be earmarked as uncertain. In March, a lot more cancellations adopted when All Nippon Cargo canceled two orders and one out of four requested Boeing 747-8I aircraft for defunct Russian Transaero was canceled. At the exact time, an unidentified customer was extra for one Boeing 747-8I. At very first, I considered the unidentified customer would be buying up the canceled Transaero airframe but the latest rumors are that Qatar Amiri Flight will be taken up an aircraft that has currently been built and was at the time destined for Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight.

Though Al Baker’s phrases put hope for a new Boeing 747-8 order, we saw Boeing’s order guide fall even a lot more. The 3 remaining orders from Transaero have been canceled. With very low demand, the shipping slots had minimal to no benefit for Transaero but have been possible a lot more meaningful to Boeing. So, with the cancellation of the 3 Transaero aircraft, there are no orders for the defunct airline still left in the order guide.

Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways CEO Al Baker is broadly recognized for his rhetoric and with him claiming firming the Boeing 737 MAX order during the Paris Air Present and Boeing not acknowledging a business order, one can issue how significantly merit news of a Qatar Airways order for the Boeing 747-8 has.

A single of the very first points to take note is that Qatar Airways is not unfamiliar with the Boeing 747-8. On behalf of Qatar Amiri Flight, Qatar Airways operates two Boeing 747-8 small business jets. So, the airline is not new to the aircraft. With one more jumbo small business jet becoming requested in March, I would not be stunned if Qatar Airways has regarded the Boeing 747-8 for their common functions.

The airline also is common with the cargo abilities of the Boeing 747 owning operated two Boeing 747 Freighters in the past and now working one jumbo jet freighter. Qatar Airways is expected to open up a cargo terminal in Doha in 2018, which adds 3 million tonnes to its capability and has strategies to extend the complete capability to seven million tonnes in the potential.

So, the order for two Boeing 747-8F is not there, but it certainly would healthy Qatar Airways aspirations. An order does make a good deal of perception when the lease for the only remaining jumbo jet finishes.


An order for the Boeing 747-8F has not still been extra, in its place we saw Boeing getting rid of the remaining orders from Transaero. With Qatar Airways’ advancement aspiration, I do imagine that an order for the Boeing 747-8F would make perception. In particular at the time the lease of the only remaining freighter finishes, there would be have to have for a substitution that could carry odd-sized cargo.

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