The Dreamliner family is now complete!
Enjoy the first flight of the brand new Boeing 787-10!

Road To Arborlon

Heart of Gold – Sauniks

Ross Bugden – Flight Hymn

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  1. Esse aí é doido, tem o bico com uma aerodinamica que lembra um trem bala. Esse aí foi feito pra bater de frente com o vento. Lindo demais.

  2. I truly believe airplanes have souls. They are alive the minute they are set to full power on their first takeoff roll. I've had motorcycles and it is the same thing. when you are riding that bike is apart of you, same as these planes. Sad when they are retired. Boeing sure can make beautiful airplanes. wonder why Airbus can't figure out how to do that?

  3. Why landing gear not retracted? It actually looked like the landing gear compartment flaps closed, but landing gear remained extended? Beautiful plane, by the way.

  4. looking good now,no longer has that fat and short appearance…too bad its max range is about the same as the A330-300

  5. American beauty! Boeing now must make 737 and 757 replacements at the earliest and must make it with carbon fiber. They both should look like mini dreamliners.

  6. Thanks for the upload.
    I prefer the -9 variant, which looks more balanced.
    Beautiful airplane nonetheless.

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