hitting the Polar Jetstream over Western Arizona at 41,000 ft aboard a United Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and experiencing some moderate turbulence.

Due to a jet streak off the US Pacific Coast, the Polar JetStream bended very much to south over the Desert Southwest.
We’ve probably hit a spot in the Polar Jetstream, where the wind band was quickly changing its direction (from a southerly to a more eastern flow). The Jetstream, though, didn’t bring a large weather system with it, hence, you don’t see any clouds. It’s a case of moderate clear air turbulence.

Plane: United Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (N26902); flying between Houston and Los Angeles


  1. Gees, I fastened my dining chair seat belt so I wouldn't hit the ceiling of the dining room. I puked in a bag, held on for dear life, I was shaking & about to panic and cry when my wife yelled, "dinners ready" do we landed safely I unbuckled my seat belt and went to the kitchen for some chow

  2. Look the wonderful 787 wing flex. I can tell you enjoy turbulence just as much a I do. How long did this go on for ? Maybe 40 Mins ?

    I had a run ride across the Atlantic yesterday from JFK-LHR, sitting in the jetstream for a long time with a 300 KPH tail wind.

  3. Maybe I've asked you already before the same question but what is your job that you can travel so much? And it is everything paid by you or it is part of your job that your employer pays for it or airliners hire you to do these videos? 🙂

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