ANA upgraded its daily Tokyo – Düsseldorf flights from a Boeing 787-8 to a Boeing 787-9. As a consequence we will see the special painted Star Wars Boeing 787-9 at Düsseldorf more ofter and this means more Star Wars videos on my channel. During the last three weeks ANA sent the Star Wars Deamliner to Düsseldorf a few times and I was there to film it. As an addition I also added a few ANA Boeing 787-8` s which will no longer show up at Düsseldorf.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Why did ANA upgrade the 787-8 flights from Tokyo-Dusseldorf and replaced it with an updated model of the 787-9 going to Dusseldorf-Tokyo

  2. Why does the inner left aileron move from full up to full down deflection round 1:14 ? Is it some kind of hydraulic self check, because the outer aileron isn't following the movement of the inner one?
    Oh and on the closeup of the left engine from 50sec. on, it can be seen moving fully down as the engine power increases. Why?

  3. Very nice video mate, I really like the star wars livery. It is also good to see that there is such a strong damand on the Tokyo route.
    Do you know if there will be any special charters for "Japantag" next weekend?

  4. @Cargospotter Hey I am from Essen and I love airplanes too. Can you say me pleeeeeeaaaaaaasee where you spot the runway? I mean you filmed the 787 from the front but where can I get there? At DUS Airport

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