Please watch her full flight here

Farnborough Air show 2016 Japanese Dreamliner 787 All Nippon Airways ANA Amazing flying display. Jaw droopingly footage


The elegance and power of Boeing’s 737 MAX as it maneuvers through the air for this incredible air to air video shoot

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  1. is it possible that without loads and gas aircraft are lighter than normal situation and can display more tricks ?

  2. The 787 is cool an all, but that is far from vertical. The aircraft hardly ever reaches 40 degrees nose up. It's an optical illusion perfectly staged by the air show choreographers.

  3. Don't forget that this is only an optical illusion created by the shortening effect of the telephoto lens. If you halt the video and measure the wing span and the length of the airplane, you can easily calculate the true pith angle of the airplane, around 35 degrees for a few seconds.

  4. Работа рулем направления при посадке впечатляет, настоящие профессионалы!

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