The 787 Dreamliner…what a beautiful airplane! I love its shape and its elegance!
We are lucky here in Paris, to be able to admire this aircraft operated by various airlines with fantastic liveries! The ANA one isn’t the most impresive and colorful, compared to Ethiopian or Kenya for example, but it is still good to see it when the lights of the evening illuminates the Terminal 1 of Charles-de-Gaulle airport!
I was lucky enough to spot this one, a -9 version, during its push-back, engines start, taxi and departure for its return flight to Tokyo.
The angle is really amazing at this plane spotting location, moreover when the plane turn just in front of you on taxiway Alpha to join the runway!

I hope you’ll enjoy this new video! Turn up the volume!!!
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Airplane’s information:

– Plane: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
– Airline: ANA All Nippon Airways
– Registration: JA876A
– Line number: 414
– First flight: 18/03/2016
– Delivery flight: 31/03/2016
– Engines: 2 x RR Trent 1000
– Today’s flight: NH216
– From: Paris CDG [LFPG]
– To: Tokyo HND [RJTT]
– STD: 20:05
– ATD 20:22
– STD: 14:55
– ETA: 14:38
– Runway: 09R

Freidnly, Aéro Productions


  1. Very impressive footage mate! Great variety of angles as it pulls out and waits for the tug! Wonderful shot of the rotation too! Liked!

  2. Excellent videography catches all the details, I don't think I've seen any LD Boeing with ETOPS stamped on the aircraft. Of course it's ETOPS-330 certified that's. why it's headed across the North Pole and northern Pacific

  3. Brilliant video mate, the sound of those engines is epic! Such a stunning aircraft the -9 Dreamliner is. Liked!

  4. Belle vidéo, merci.
    J'ai une pensée pour cet équipage japonnais qui de se demander ou il tombe avec le T1 de CDG. Ça doit piquer aux yeux quand on vit en Asie une poubelle Africaine pareille…

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