The Boeing 787 vs. the Airbus A350, that` s the definition of competition in the aviation branch. Yesterday I filmed the daily Boeing 787 flight of Etihad at Düsseldorf and about one hour later the Singapore Airlines Airbus 350 departed to Singapore. I can` t say which one I like more cause I like both, the 787 and the A350, but in my opinion the Etihad livery is astonishing.

Featured planes:
1.) 00:00 Etihad Boeing 787-9
2.) 01:30 Singapore Airbus A350
3.) 02:47 Eurowings Airbus A320 (Special BVB c/s)
4.) 03:00 Eurowings Airbus A320
5.) 03:21 Air Berlin Airbus A330-200 (Arrival)
6.) 03:46 Air Berlin Airbus A330-200 (Departure)
7.) 04:07 Alitalia ERJ-170
8.) 04:25 Eurowings Airbus 320 (Boomerang special c/s)
9.) 04:42 Condor Boeing 757-300
10.) 05:11 Private Global Express
11.) 05:35 Germanwings Airbus 320
12.) 06:10 Iberia Airbus 320
13.) 06:18 LOT Embraer ERJ-170
14.) 06:40 Rossya Airbus 319

Wetter war mal wieder für die Tonne, aber trotzdem ging es gestern nach DUS, um die Boeing 787 von Etihad und den A350 von Singapore zu filmen. Zu allem Überfluss kamen noch ein paar Baumfälltypen vorbei, die mit Ihren Sensen vor meiner Nase rumgefuchtelt und natürlich auch den Sound gestört haben, wobei das bei der Straße im Hintergrund sowieso egal ist.

El Boeing 787 frente al Airbus A350, esa es la definición de competencia en la rama de la aviación. Ayer filmé el vuelo Boeing 787 diario de Etihad en Düsseldorf y aproximadamente una hora más tarde, el Singapore Airlines Airbus 350 partió a Singapur. No puedo decir cuál me gusta más porque me gustan tanto el 787 como el A350, pero en mi opinión la libélula Etihad es asombrosa

Le Boeing 787 contre l’Airbus A350, c’est la définition de la concurrence dans la branche aéronautique. Hier, j’ai filmé le vol quotidien Boeing 787 d’Etihad à Düsseldorf et environ une heure plus tard, le Singapore Airlines Airbus 350 est parti pour Singapour. Je ne peux pas dire lequel j’aime plus parce que j’aime les deux, le 787 et l’A350, mais à mon avis la livery de Etihad est étonnante.


Thanks for watching, see you next wednesday.


  1. The 350 looks very much like the profile of a 707, same old style rigid wings. The 787 has a lot of flex in a very new style wing. Damn, people are breathing that air yuck!

  2. The 787 looks like something from 10-20 years in the future and very sleek. The A350 looks like a Airbus design from 1995 with upgraded winglets and a supposed to be cool looking bandit front.

  3. 787! No mater what Airbus does, they are always going to be the other airplane manufacturer. The only good Airbus does is gives Boeing a reason to build better and better airplanes. Not saying they build crap or anything. Good for all of us plane geeks. I have to admit though, the A350 is one good looking jet aside from that ridiculous bandit front. If you want a fair comparison just compare Boeing planes to Boeing planes. Boeing vs Airbus, no comparison.

  4. I don't even know how this is possible but can airlines buy a penis and I don't know why a penis is competing with the a350?

  5. Great video.  Both are really amazing planes.  I hope I get to fly on them one day.  Unfortunately, airlines in the US really don't use them as much it seems.  Europe and Asia airlines ALWAYS beat US airlines.  They treat people better and have better amenities.

  6. I live in a Boeing state (sc) and love the 787 and 777, but I like the A350 better. Maybe its the raccoon face. Those wings on the 787 are works of art. That sukhoi superjet is a beauty as well. No ugly Boeing planes.

  7. 787 wins BY FAR! A350 is so far the WORST plane EVER! 787 is much, much more beautiful and elegant. I also conducted a survey. I ask 10 of my friends (who know nothing about planes) 787 or A350. All chose 787 for the same reason: quiet and beautiful. Raccoon Force One, you lose BIG TIME!!!

  8. When doing inter-continental I would always prefer the one with the better ETOPS rating … just peace of mind …

  9. Relax everyone! They figured that a large turbine (and fan blades) would be more fuel efficient in a twin engine aircraft. Hence the large diameter engines on all new aircraft. Older thoughts were that larger fan blades would have more resistance at higher (or on runway where air pressure is the most) altitudes and be less fuel efficient. It took some time for (all) P&W, RR, IEA (GE) to realize that the opposite was true …

  10. 787 has better appearance… no doubt… the raked wingtip, the zigzag end at the engine and the nose..

  11. THis one is tough for me….I love the wings of the Dreamliner but I also love the head of the a350. Both interiors look amazing so I would give the dreamliner the edge just because of the windows.

  12. What are you comparing? The 787 beats hands down in all respects, aesthetics, elegance, quality, decibels……. Yes it is quieter than the 350. Plus, there is no comparison in the interior accoutrements. If it ain't Boeing I ain't going.

  13. A true airplane lover would never compare

    Unless they're turboprops. Cauz lets face it, those aren't that impressive

  14. 787: awful flying experience. pretty much unbearable in coach. A350 offers decent space per passenger, much better from a pax point of view. Once your are in business class (so far only flown business on the a350, not on the 787), i guess they are about equal.

  15. The 787 is by far the most advanced and the tips of the wings are part of the total wing function, far from just aesthetic. It is the future of commercial aviation for all types of routes.

  16. I like this very much and I like those persons who are group member of making this video. and I like to working with you as a member. Thank you

  17. Very similar aircraft. The 350 has a larger contact patch (taken as a whole) as the wheels are spaced farther apart. And the 787 has the "chevrons" on the engine's trailing edge. But that 787 wing flex is awesome. Great camera work!

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