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Airshowvision present the world’s first aerobatic demonstration of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner carbon fibre commercial airliner at the Farnborough Airshow 2012.

It is over 25 years since Boeing performed an aerobatic routine with one of their airliners and is a very welcome change in company policy.

This particular aircraft is in Qatar Airlines colours, and is due for delivery soon.


  1. Randal Lane…that was the CO-Pilot, pilot sits on the Left side……Thats what you get when you put an ex fighter pilot in an airliner…."Tex" Johnson must be smiling…RIP Tex….

  2.  "I"M SELLING AIRPLANES, SIR"  Tex Johnson Seattle Wash USA  Aug 1955…..(after he had done the barrel roll over the Hydro Plane race course demonstrating the BOEING -80  (KC-135  707 proto type)

  3. Nice video, but sorry US travelers. Most of the Dreamliners are sold and used by non-US carriers. You only wait for Boeing 737 MAX

  4. I like the aerobatics. This kind of display makes me more confident of its everyday duties in relation to safety. It CAN maneuver like that if absolutely necessary. (I realize it's empty for the display, but still, maneuvering a huge bird like that takes a lot of confidence in craftsmanship.) Tex Johnston would be proud of this.

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