Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Cabin Interiors – All Details


  1. the sit cushing on the 787 not comfortable, my butt hurt after a few hours of flight …. I fly from china to SFO and my butt in pain after 5 hours …..

  2. The one thing I take away from this video is that there has been again no real improvement in the amount of leg room or seat size in the economy section. Great video and thanks for posting……it really is an impressive aircraft.

  3. Actually, classes on LOT Polish Airlines longhaul flights are: "Elite Club" (business), "Premium Club" (premium economy) and "Economy".

  4. exactly! Because ANA is a decent airline….seems less airlines understand this anymore I am frankly not wanting to book 787 with this seating on BA, AC (probably will choose this) etc.

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