Some extra footage of mine, showing Ex Boeing F-18 pilot Mike Bryan, flying the 787 at Farnborough.That tailwind landing was right on the buttton 🙂


  1. А я бы усрался с таким креном прямо с отрыва уходить..

  2. i have experienced this when we were about to land the pilot suddenly took off the plane explaining to the passengers of an increase tailwind which we can overshoot the runway.

  3. I wonder if it could do a barrel role like the 747 did during it exhibition.  This looks like an incredibly strong plane.

  4. This flight was for show with limited fuel in tanks, I am shure. On the oder hand, it presents safety in stormy weather. 

  5. I can truly say that I would legitimately shit my pants if a pilot would do that on a commercial flight, unannounced or not! Fuck me flying, GOOD LORD!  D:

  6.                                                                 !!!!



  7. he went rolled to the right in purpose, otherwise he would not turn in time to merge with runway. extreme and amazing skill to turn around in such a low airspeed.

  8. As great as it looks, I'm pretty sure I'd be paralised in fear in my seat had I been on that plane. It looked like it was vertical!

    Actually a Chinese student graduated from MIT designed first Boeing aircraft 'Boeing Model 1'  one hundred years ago when Boeing was a startup. William Edward Boeing is a businessman who knew nothing about aerodynamic. Boeing and Wikipedia have a serous problem on this issue. This Chinese with Master Degree in Aerospace engineering was the Chief Engineer of Boeing in 1916.

  10. kwk96  This is the way the Military takes off from Bagdad..get up quick to avoid any ground fire…remember altitude is your friend.  Also shows the capability of the plane.

  11. More like a minute and a half landing considering a minute was of the same take off just different angles.

    Impressive none-the-less

  12. Hmmh? Weird, I guess we did it all wrong with our C-130J in Afghaniastan then. Good thing I read your expert advice in the YouTube comment section though, I'll bring that info back to the 335th post haste mate ;).

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