Why is the 787 #Dreamliner consistently voted the most popular airplane to fly? Here’s why^. Learn more:


  1. So fake hehe. A380 is still the best aircraft in the skies with A350 second before the 787 can even find a way somewhere.

    Don't argue, A380 has already won awards for best plane, seats in A350 are bigger than 787, more quiet and more spacious so yeah.

  2. I was truly impressed with all the modern features available to passengers onboard the 787. Ive flown on Air India and Etihad 787s, and both journeys were so less tiring. The sun at local noon time woke me up for sure, even though windows were fully tinted, and I missed having a regular shade, but my nose definitely did not feel itchy or dry. Combine it with some nice Indian food on Air India, and a great flat bed with a closing door on Etihad, a very comfortable journey overall! The middle seats in the First Class cabin on the 789 were definitely the quietest. I did question myself about the deflection at the wing tip (being an engineer myself), still trying to figure it out!

  3. 3-3-3 seats are definition of comfort! Passengers all over the world love them. Just look on seat review sites, people are ecstatic!

  4. Comfortable, unless your company requires you to fly cattle-class. And don't forget to leave your TSA unapproved laptop at the gate.

  5. Well Done Boeing on 787 I had an awesome experience on its last year I flew on A Qatar Airways 787 it's so smooth that it has changed my whole flying experience I have flown more than over 6 country but that flight has changed my life of flying

  6. It's a marketing lie ! The 787 is an absolute nightmare to fly, seats are unbelievably uncomfortable and small.
    I have flown a few times, on ANA and China Southern, and the trip was the worst I ever had, will never fly again on those birds, they are surely beautiful to watch, but on the inside they are like sardine cans.

  7. I don't know why people need all the fancy TV screens, electronic this and that to keep their eyes glued to. I spend about 90 percent of my time flying looking out the window and exploring the plane

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