At 10:27am Pacific Time this morning, the long-awaited Boeing 787 took flight. With thousands on hand, the aircraft flawlessly departed runway 34L at Boeings Paine Field Airport for a 5 hour 34 minute test flight.

Photo: Boeings much anticipated 787 Dreamliner takes flight from runway 34L at Paine Field


  1. @Nicky10major

    They may not have used it. The reverser cowlings (obviously) opened up, but that doesn't mean the thrust flow was set to anything higher than idle…

  2. >:o it does not look like a big 737 it has newly designed cockpit windows, cockpit, wings, engines, and lots more if they wanted a bigger 737 its the 767

  3. Muito bom!!! Bela edição!!! Más a grande surpresa mesmo foi ver esses dois T-33 "T-Bird" – O primeiro jato americano ainda ativo!!!

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