CHICAGO — The secret compartments where cabin crew rest on board long-haul flights have been revealed in photos online.

Photographs of secret rest cabins for pilots and flight attendants on Boeing’s flagship 787 Dreamliner were published by Australian website

On a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the pilot’s rest cabin is usually positioned behind the cockpit and above the first class compartment.

The stairway is disguised behind a security-coded door. The cabin usually has one business class seat and two bunk beds, separated by thick curtains to give the pilots a small amount of privacy.

The rest cabin for flight attendants is usually located at the rear of the plane, just above the economy passenger compartment. Depending on the design of each plane, a compartment can usually accommodate at least five flight attendants.

Even though some crew members complain that it feels like sleeping in a coffin, posters commenting on the story on Twitter wondered if similar rest cabins could be designed for passengers too.

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  1. Does it stink inside those little rest compartments if some of the flight crew members stopped off at Taco Bell before the flight?

  2. 1:08 Full flaps, front gear down with no wheel, no back gear down, reverse thrust in the air, no winglets.
    0:16 Reverse thrust, DOORS OPEN. MID-FLIGHT, full flaps, no winglets, cargo doors open.

  3. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep this info totally secret. Sadly the world we live in today is loaded with people who can use this info to their advantage

  4. One can only imagine how many times the pilots have fucked the shit out of hot stewardesses on those flight. . or even had threesomes with a couple of them. . . GIGGITY!!!!

  5. There was an aircraft designed with these sort of cabins for passengers: it was the Bristol Brabazon from the 1940s. No airline bought it because it was totally uneconomic to run.

  6. No wonder cabin crew look so well rested and chirpy after a long haul flight as the walking wounded from economy class shuffle past them

  7. Space saving and looks pretty comfortable considering they want as much space as possible for paying passengers.

  8. I'm worried that when the pilots are sleeping during landing, what will happen then? I know it's not going to happen, but i'm just thinking.

  9. I was just about to make a comment about pilots masturbating in privacy but then I saw all the other sex jokes and thought nvm

  10. As for the last question, the answer is no. Cabins for passengers like that could be created but the actual ones are way more roomy and the option to have a shower, google "flyemirates+privateroom"

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